The new man in Sushmita's life

Last Updated: Wed, Mar 30, 2005 06:57 hrs

Sushmita is having a roaring affair with life. And her love lane screams the same.

Does it bother her that Randeep is from the industry (Randeep is making his big screen splash with RGV's 'D')? “I did like to rephrase that” she purrs. “Randeep is a man I am seeing, who happens to be an actor,” she explains putting things into perspective. So what is their equation like? we ask. “Oh, Randeep is such a baby” Sush gushes. “The best element is that since he is just starting out, the entire baggage of having a star in your life has crept in, just yet” she says with a wisely appeal. “And that is something I am very happy about. Films are not my life. I don't see doing movies forever. Hope it's the same with him” she speculates. What if it proves otherwise, we spike her. “Then good for him. I will then have to rearrange priorities and get on with life” she throws us offgaurd.

What is her take on seeing a guy who is younger than her? “I don't think it's a big deal. Also, I think the trend of men seeing older women is so exciting. And for the record, I am only 9 months older than him” she smiles. Finally, how do Renee and Randeep get along? “Oh, Randeep is wonderful with Renee. He is the male presence in her life and has filled a quiet void in her life so beautifully!” she underlines her point. And you? “Yes, me too!” her face sparkles.

We told you, no purdahs here; this lady lives life Queen size!