Theater owners miffed with Bharathiraja's comments

Source :SIFY
Author :Movie Buzz
Last Updated: Wed, Sep 16th, 2020, 12:36:54hrs

In a recent press meet, Tamil Film Active Producers Association's President Bharathiraja had said that producers can release their products wherever they find profits. "If theater owners don't agree for an amicable solution to the existing problems, we will embrace OTT platforms or any other alternative platforms", said Bharathiraja.

But theater owners are miffed with Bharathiraja's comments. Quoting trade analyst Sreedhar Pillai's tweet, Rakesh of Vetri Theaters wrote: "If a film is a producer's product , then the theatre is my product, so the terms are always negotiable & the same applies to OTT. So there is no way, just one segment can dictate terms. If OTT gives the best offer, why still hold on, just go ahead, sell & make max profit.So the faint vision of OTT is the future, LET IT BE. End of theatres, LET IT BE. A single theatre in TN is a huge property considering the real estate value. This big asset has immense potential to turn into any commercial business format. End of all, WE GOT NOTHING TO LOSE".

"OTT is an added revenue only and not an alternative. Cinema is an experience itself which cannot be enjoyed elsewhere, when you enter a theatre you forget there exists another world outside for 2-3 hours, that is the magic. #UnlockCinemaSaveJobs", tweeted Ruban of GK Cinemas.

"Like how you fix terms for your product we have the rights to fix the same as we are the one who is going to sell your product.Better release all the movies to OTT, as

@VettriTheatres said Big Space like theatres can be converted to anything. Wishing you very all the best", tweeted Ram Cinemas.

Earlier, Tiruppur Subramanian, President of Tamil Nadu Theater Owners and Multiplex Association said that they are not going to consider any requests made by the Tamil Film Active Producers Association.