Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 28 February 2014

Movie Title



P. Ramesh

Star Cast

Ashok Selvan, Janani Iyer

CV Kumar's Thirukumaran Entertainments, Thegidi directed by debutant P Ramesh is a well-made, edge-of- the-seat thriller with enough twists and turns. It keeps the deception game going till the last scene, with a taut script and outstanding BGM by Nivas Prasanna.

As a director who made a name as a short filmmaker Ramesh keeps it tight with a crisp running time of 2 hours, keeping you hooked till the end. Another thing that makes the film tick is the believability factor of the story, which could have happened in real life.

The film has a great premise. A film has a hero with a keen observational skill who after studying criminology wants to take up a job of a detective officer. The idea is fresh, and director Ramesh deserves full marks on that score.

Vetri (Ashok Selvan) comes to Chennai and joins a private detective agency and his passion for work keeps him going till he meets a new ?subject? Madhu (Janani Iyer). He starts liking her but realises that she is in danger and now the hunter becomes the hunted.

The film keeps you riveted in the first half and builds up to a dramatic twist at the end, one that, like the traditional rabbit in the hat, you weren't expecting. But by then, it's a bit too late as you have already predicted it.

Ashok Selvan, as the inquisitive detective is subtle and conveys a lot through his body language and pleasing face. Janani Iyer in a girl next door type role provides adequate support and is good. Admittedly the two make a fetching pair and seem to share a crackling chemistry.

The film is refreshing for its unusual casting, with mostly unknown faces like Jayakumar, Pradeep Nair and others being entrusted with important roles. Jayaprakash as the police officer and Kaali as the hero?s friend are likeable.

Another highlight of the film is Nivas Prasanna?s music and extraordinary BGM. The romantic melody Yaar Ezhuthiatho... is very soothing and BGM goes with the narration. Everything is in sync with the story whether it is Dinesh Krishnan?s camera or Leo John Paul?s editing.

As suspense thriller, Thegidi is a well-researched, purposefully executed film that works perfectly well. This is a film good enough to merit a trip to the multiplex.

Verdict: Good

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