Thelivu review: A fairly engaging thriller

Thelivu review: A fairly engaging thriller

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 20 October 2019

Movie Title

Thelivu review: A fairly engaging thriller


M A Nishad

Star Cast

Asha Sarath, Lal, Renji Panicker

Director M A Nishad has made his latest movie, Thelivu, as a thriller with some statements on relevant topical issues.

Gauri (Asha Sarath) is working in a poor home run by a wealthy businessman named Ratnakar Shenoy. He is a ruthless man whose charity activities are actually a coverup for his illegal dealings. 

Gauri is happily married to Khalid (Lal), a driver. She is particularly attached to a young girl named Sreekutty, an inmate at the poor home. When Shetty tries to molest the young girl, Gauri tries to save her and in the scuffle that follows, he is killed.

This turns the life of Gauri and Khalid upside down as now they are on the run to save their lives from the hands of Shetty’s gang. Later, the cops are in search for Khalid and they question various sources to find the proofs. 

There are some twists happening in the latter part of the story which are stitched on to the main narrative with some questions raised towards the end. 

With a fine script and a pattern that keeps the viewers guessing, the director packages a tale that deals with quite a few current topics. Even then there is a melodramatic feel to the narrative at times. There can be disagreements about certain actions in the movie but we would prefer not to discuss it and play spoilsports. The visuals and the music are good.

Asha Sarath plays her character Gauri in a convincing way as the character goes through various emotions due to the situations that she is in. Lal has a limited screen space but is quite effective. Renji Panicker is good as the investigating officer.

Thelivu deals with some pertinent questions and is a fairly engaging  watch at a duration of less than two hours.

Thelivu review: A fine thriller

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