Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 15 November 2013

Movie Title



Vineeth Sreenivasan

Star Cast

Shobhana, Dhyan Sreenivasan

After a delicious romantic saga Thattathin Marayathu, Vineeth Sreenivasan attempts to make a thriller this time, with Thira. Evidently inspired from the 2007 movie Trade, directed by Marco Kreuzpaintner, the story is set in Karnataka and Goa.

Dr. Rohini Pranab (Shobhana), a cardiac surgeon, who gives shelter to destitute girls, is the target of a group of criminals indulging in illegal human trafficking. The girls from her home is taken away by a gang, who also kidnaps the sister of a youth named Naveen (Dhyan Sreenivasan), right in front of his eyes.

Now the two are doing all that they can do to trace the criminals. As it happens in the 'treasure hunts', they get some clue at times even in unconvincing ways and they try to nab the wrongdoers.

The main issue with stories of these kinds is that they have a predictable pattern with real events happening only at the beginning and then towards the end. What keeps the viewers glued on to such films are the portions that connect these two ends. Rakesh Mantodi's script (co-written by Vineeth Sreenivasan) barely manages to make things interesting and gripping beyond a point. Also, the dialogues have been written in an old fashioned style.

There are too many loose ends that raise doubts in the minds of the viewers as the end titles start rolling. Though we don't want to add any spoilers, isn't it tough to believe that the responsible authorities in the two states are all hand in glove with a gang, who live in modest places and have unarmed goons? The whole bunch of top cops, the media and the judiciary are all equally corrupt? The narrative is not strong enough to believe this theory.

The highlights of the film are Jomon T John's visuals, Shaan Rahman's music, including the superb background score, and Shobana's acting.

Though it is not a perfectly written character, Shobana makes the whole situation look genuine. Debutant Dhyan Sreenivasan is good, but his diction poses problems at times. It is the film's supporting cast that really lets you down, with their amateurish performances.

In the end, Thira makes you feel like it is much longer than its 113-minute duration. If you don't expect much, it could be an okay one-time watch. The makers of the film have already announced that this is the first of a trilogy. Are you guys serious?

Verdict: Average

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