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Thursday 8 March 2007

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S.J.Suryah, Vijaykumar, Meera Jasmine, Saranya

Debutant writer-director Ratna Kumar, a former assistant of Bharatiraja and S.J Suryah has made his mentors proud with Thirumahan. It is a typical Bharatiraja type film set in a village milieu with all ingredients and packaging associated with an S.J Suryah mass entertainer.

The story is set in a remote village near Theni, where the former village chief Malaisamy (Vijay Kumar) now fallen on bad days, still commands respect and love of the locals. His son Thangapandi (S.J Suryah) like his name has a heart of gold and is innocent, mischievous but is irresponsible in life. He falls in love with Ayyakka (Meera Jasmine) a poor, low caste girl who is a pot-maker. But Thangapandi has two other women who want to marry him - his cousin Raasathi (Preeti Varma) and Vairam (Lakshana) daughter of Sivalingam (Radha Ravi) the rich landlord and businessman. And then there is Maina (Malavika) a tribal girl who is lusting after him!

Sivalingam has great respect for Malaisamy who takes pity on Vairam who walks with a limp and gives his word that Thangapandi will marry her. This creates great upheaval in Malaisamy?s family as they want Thangapandi to marry Raasathi. Meanwhile Thangapandi is forced to confess his love for Ayyakka, which shocks everyone. Unable to bear the humiliation and insult from his family and others, Malaisamy dies without his last wish being fulfilled. Will Thangapandi honour his father?s last wish like Lord Sri Rama in ?Ramayana?? What happens to Ayyakka in her rocky road to marriage? All this is told in a stunning climax.

There is nothing new in the plot of Thirumahan, it has been played out in many village milieu films of the past. But here the melodrama and mush is limited as the screenplay moves fast in the first half, giving you enough reason to smile. The scene in which Thangapandi try to help Ayyakka sell pots in the local market by naming them ?Kushboo pana? and ?Trisha pana? though a bit crude, brings the house down.

There is enough S.J.Suryah special brand of lewd comedy like him ending up naked in a vessel full of hot water, the comedy track of Suryah, Manivannan and Malavika can appeal to the masses. On the downside, it is ridiculous to see the small framed Suryah take on an army of thugs in a long drawn out fight scene, where he delivers flying kicks in mid air!

The lighting and camerawork by Venu is top class, and it is in perfect sync with art work of a perfect potters hut against the Theni backdrop. Added to that editor Antony doing his first rural film has not used any gimmicks, which makes story telling easy for the viewer. Deva?s music gives it a rural touch, with Vairamuthu?s meaningful lyrics. S.J Suryah?s introduction song Poranthatu Pasumponnu? and the melodious Thatti Thatti ?. are the pick of the lot.

But what makes the film compelling is the on-screen chemistry between the lead pair, which is simply amazing and seen to be believed. Meera is a revelation, making her every moment on screen truly memorable. Her quiet dignity in the face of impending tragedy is well etched. She has come up with a heartbreakingly honest performance with the right amount of sensuousness needed for her character though she has to check her weight.

Suryah a limited actor just walks through the first half effortlessly doing what he had done in his earlier films. But he takes you by surprise in the second half especially in the emotional climax scenes. The scene in which he breaks down after his father death, shows that he has matured as an actor. Vijaykumar as Malaisamy is outstanding while Radha Ravi, Ranjith, Manivannan, Ilavarasu and Saranya in supporting roles are very good. Malavika is brought in to lend oomph and she succeeds in doing just that. Lakshana has nothing much to do in that miniscule role as Vairam. Preethi as the naughty cousin just does what is required of her.

Thirumahan is a decent weekend watch, don't go expecting too much, and you won't be disappointed.

Verdict: Entertainer

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