Thirumanam review: Preachy and tiresome

Cheran uses lengthy dialogues and songs to convey his thoughts thorugh Thirumanam which often tests our patience

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Critic's Rating: 2/5

Tuesday 04 June 2019

Movie Title

Thirumanam review: Preachy and tiresome



Star Cast

Umapathy, Kavya, Cheran, Sukanya, Thambi Ramaiah, MS Baskar

Director Cheran who is known for depicting human relationships in his feel-good films has chosen the mindset of today's youngsters as the basic plot along with a big fat wedding in his new film Thirumanam.

Mahesh (Umapathy) is a popular radio jockey who falls in love with his Facebook fan/friend Aathira(Kavya). They talk to each other over WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networking platforms before finally decide to meet in person.

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The young couple decides to tell their family about their liking for each other. Aathira has a brother Arivudainambi (Cheran), an upright Income Tax officer and a widowed mother whereas Mahesh hails from a royal zamindar family. For Mahesh, his sister Manonmani (Sukanya)'s words are precious. When the families give nod for the the marriage, the process gets murky as Arivudainambi is against big fat wedding whereas Manonmani wants her brother' s marriage to be a grandiose event. What happens next?

The basic problem with Thirumanam is the preachy tone of the film. Cheran uses lengthy dialogues and songs to convey his thoughts thorugh Thirumanam which often tests our patience. Thirumanam is certainly not for audiences who like modern dramas. However, audiences who are glued to TV serials may end up liking this one as the format is catered to their appetite.

Performance wise, both Umapathy and Kavya are just adequate. Cheran, veteran actors like Thambi Ramaiah and MS Baskar are superb in their roles. Sukanya hasn't come out of her '80s way of acting so her performance is not convincing! Technically Siddharth Vipin' s music is a big letdown and Rajesh Yadav's visuals is not up to the mark. The run-time of the film is 156 minutes, tad too long for a film with lesser known lead actors.

To conclude, Cheran's idea of telling the society on the adverse effects of big fat wedding is laudable but the final product is not only preachy but whacks you on the head with its message.

Thirumanam review: Preachy and tiresome

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