Thirunaal review: A typical revenge drama

Thirunaal review: A typical revenge drama



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 05 August 2016

Movie Title

Thirunaal review: A typical revenge drama



Star Cast

Jiiva, Nayanthara, Sarath Lohitaswa

Director Ramnath's Thirunaal is a typical revenge drama set in the Kumbakonam backdrop. Though the director has succeeded to a large extent in establishing the characters, the film does not offer anything you haven’t seen before.

Blade (Jiiva) is a loyalist to influential gangster Naga (Sarath Lohitaswa), who is known for all kind of illegal activities like land grabbing and being salacious towards married women. At one point, Blade falls in love with Vidya (Nayanthara), daughter of Naga's business partner and slowly an ego clash arises between the duo.

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When Blades turns as a good man to win his ladylove, cops plan a cunning game to make him as an approver against Naga, which comes as a potential life threat to our hero. Can Blade stand opposite his deadly mentor?

The biggest problem with Thirunaal is that the director seem to be confused and clueless about the proceedings that we cannot relate with the situations of lead characters. To be fair Jiiva is pretty solid in the role, and completely at ease in front of the camera. Nayanthara is alluring in the homely, half saree look. She’s a tad glamorous for the role, but throws herself into it completely. Sarath Lohitaswa, the powerful performer is wasted as a villain.

The film lacks production values that the music by Srikanth Deva is ordinary while the cinematography is quite decent.

Jiiva and Nayanthara's performances keep you engaged and invested despite the familiar narrative, but by the end you are overcome by the unmistakable feeling of exhaustion. Overall, Thirunaal isn't unwatchable – far from it. But it is old-fashioned and evokes a distinct sense of déjà vu.

Thirunaal review: Verdict: Average

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