Thiruttu Payale 2 review- An Engaging watch

Amala not only looks good and natural but also rightly conveys the emotions of a housewife

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 30 November 2017

Movie Title

Thiruttu Payale 2 review- An Engaging watch


Susi Ganesan

Star Cast

Prasanna, Bobby Simha, Amala Paul

In the original Thiruttu Payale, Susi Ganesan worked on an extra-marital affair and how a cunning youngster blackmails and tries to make a luxurious life out of it. In the sequel, the director explores how technology and greed of the current generation exploits the dark and personal side of humankind.

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Selvam (Bobby Simha) calls himself a honest corrupt cop, as he begins his career as an upright policeman but slowly situation makes his hands dirty. Selvam works in the intelligence bureau and his superior officer wants him to tap the calls of politicians and top rank officers but our protagonist has other ideas and loot heavy money using his new found power.

Selvam has a beautiful wife Agalvilakku (Amala Paul), who is a Facebook addict. Everything goes well for Selvam until he comes across a cyber criminal Balki (Prasanna), who is Agal's facebook friend turned close confidant. Balki turns Selva's life upside down and what follows in their life forms the rest of the plot with enough twists and turns.

The film begins with a bang and portrays how shocking it would be if we all start listening to the personal calls of our friends and family.  A bloated Bobby Simha justifies the middle class husband role. Amala not only looks good and natural but rightly conveys the emotions of a housewife, who has no other go but to handle a delicate situation without uttering a single word to her family. Prasanna looks fit and suave and is so perfect that we hope he was apt to do the cop role convincingly.

As said, the film starts well but post intermission, the cat and mouse game between Bobby Simha and Prasanna becomes tedious and predictable, and the climax is clumsy and easy with a contrived ending. But what works in favor of Thiruttu Payale 2 is the shocking revelation and facts of modern day cyber crimes, and the director has done his research well.

On the whole, Thiruttu Payale 2  is a watchable thriller, especially for the well written first half and portraying the dark side of today's internet world convincingly.

Thiruttu Payale 2- Verdict : Engaging watch

Reactions from Social Media:
Prashanth Rangaswamy‏ @itisprashanth

#ThiruttupPayale2 Interval - @DirectorSusi is in a different league. The way he has explained complex cyber tech in a simple way ,young directors have a lot to learn from him. Intro animation just beautiful. The subject will connect with each and every one.

Sreedhar Pillai‏ @sri50
#Thiruttuppayale2 A neat eye opener from #AGS & @DirectorSusi on how social media addiction and technology can cause havoc in family life with top performances from the lead actors @Amala_ams @Prasanna_actor @actorsimha @archanakalpathi

Rajesh Sundarrajan‏ @rajeshvijay2009
#Thiruttuppayale2..looks refreshing so far starts steadily & builds up to a pakka interval block @archanakalpathi @Prasanna_actor

Venkatramanan‏ @VenkatRamanan
Core concept is blent well with the screenplay and kept engaging after the first few mins. Leads shine big way throughout.@CineTimee

Anchorpraveen‏ @mugunthen
#Thiruttuppayale2 pakka new age communication blackmail film.... 1st half going well specily well intermission block...excitement with 2half....@Prasanna_actor semma after anjathey bro

Sathish Kumar M‏ @sathishmsk
#Thiruttuppayale2 Movie picks up after @Prasanna_actor entry. Waiting for some interesting scenes between @actorsimha & @Prasanna_actor in the second half. @Amala_ams has done her role well. Facebook addiction Scenes has come out well @archanakalpathi

Rajasekar‏ @sekartweets
#ThiruttuPayale2 - a decent crime thriller which starts well and works until the first half. Post intermission, the contrived twists and turns fall flat. But the impact of modern technology in our personal lives is a revelation.

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