This emotional note of SPB's doctor will melt your hearts

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Last Updated: Wed, Sep 30th, 2020, 11:46:47hrs
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Deepak Subramanian, the doctor who treated the late singer SP Balasubrahmanyam took to his Instagram page to express his fifty two days at the hospital with the legend. Deepak said that Balasubrahmanyam never asked him to treat him like a VIP and was cooperative throughout the treatment. The singer always respected all the hospital staffs and doctors.

Check out his long moving emotional note ...

My morning routine at the hospital involves having a quick team huddle in my room to discuss anything that happened overnight, doing my rounds, and then heading to the OT for my surgeries.  

However, the last 52 days have been very different. A significant 4-5 hours a day were spent on someone who was close to my heart. I recall many a night spent listening to his melodious voice, while I was a mere medical student. His songs were played on loop before I went to bed - be it any emotion - happiness or sadness, any dullness was replaced with peace when we had his voice for solace.  

I was on an Instagram Live talk with Charan sometime in the end of July when Charan mentioned that his father, the legendary SP Balasubrahmanyam sir, wanted to go to Hyderabad for work. With the current situation in mind, I was immediately worried . From then, we cut to the evening of August 3rd. when SPB sir called me to tell me he has a fever. After we did a Covid test, it unfortunately came back positive.  

Considering his age, he fell under the high-risk criteria and was admitted on August 5th. While I do not want to focus on his course of treatment at the hospital, I do want to convey my sentiments on treating him over the two months.  

I've known SPB sir for the last five years now, and not once have I seen him behave or ask to be treated as a VIP. Whenever he has called for an appointment, I have asked that my secretary bring him to my room comfortably, so that he wouldn't need to deal with a large crowd. But he would always insist, "Doc, please treat me like any other patient - I don't need anything special."  

When the Bariatric Surgery department was inaugurated, I could not think of anyone better suited and immediately wanted him to be our chief guest. When we added 'Padmashri' before his name in the invitation, he called up specifically and said, "Why Deepak? Just put my name as SPB."  

When this gentle, kind-hearted person required more oxygen after admission, we needed to shift him to the ICU. I was quite worried, unsure how he would react, however all he said, without any hesitation, was "Deepak, do whatever is necessary...  

He made multiple video calls to me during his time in the ward and in the ICU before he was intubated. Before intubation, I recall one moment when Dr. Sabanayagam and Dr. Nandakishore( Our Lead Intensivists) both informed him of what they needed to do due to his low oxygen saturation. Confidently, the legend told them that he had no doubts he was in the best of hands, and they must do as was needed. Once he regained consciousness, and had started writing in the special ICU we had created for him. he would start every note to the medical staff.  

with "Due respect to you all". He treated the doctors and all staff in his treatment team with immense respect, and we will always be all salutes for that. He was extremely cooperative, and very easy-going, even up until a couple of days prior to his demise when we were able to help him sit up in bed for a good twenty minutes. Watching his health improve after treatment was a pleasure to watch. and the sudden U-turn and his deterioration in his last 48 hours happened too fast for any medical intervention to help.  

Despite dealing with many rumours, these 52 days have become one of the most treasured memories of my life. Spending this time with SPB sir has helped me reflect on a few things:  

1. The fact that he chose me to take care of him will always be a feather in my cap and nothing will change that. It was a pleasure spending time with him while I could.

2. He brought the team of doctors who were taking care of him together. This included myself, Dr. Sabanayagam, Dr. Nandakishore, Dr. Suresh Rao, Dr. KR Balakrishnan. We became so close over this time that I actually miss our daily meetings.  

3. His son, Charan, has truly become like a brother to me. Daily calls and briefings, lighter moments where we were pulling each other's leg, they all brought us closer. I hope to always be available for Charan, his mother, and his family.  

4. Most importantly, SPB sir taught me how humble and strong a person must be deep within. He was an admirable fighter and gave it his all until the end. 

SPB sir was a wonderful man, a true legend, and he will live on eternally for everyone through his voice and songs.