Thobama review: An average film with a huge 'Premam' hangover

Thobama review: An average film with a huge 'Premam' hangover

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 03 May 2018

Movie Title

Thobama review: An average film with a huge 'Premam' hangover


Mohsin Kassim

Star Cast

Siju Wilson, Sharafudheen, Krishna Sankar

Director Mohsin Kassim’s Thobama is from the Premam team and the cast 'n' crew try all along to remind us just that fact throughout the movie, with its presentation style, shots and the total structure.

Thommy (Sharafudheen), Balu (Siju Wilson) and Mammu (Krishna Sankar), are close friends who are narrating some happenings that took place a decade or so back, which affected their friendship and changed their attitude towards life in a significant way.

All that Thommy thinks about is to find some easy way to earn some fast bucks. He is some kind of a reckless youth who doesn’t care much about anyone else, other than himself. Balu is the son of a bank officer, who is studying M Com at a parallel college. Mammu has dreams of becoming an actor.

They try several things to make money, from joining a shady money chain group to helping the sand mafia in their illegal trade. Then there is a parallel track involving a criminal gang, who are dealing with lottery and black money.

It’s all mixed and the mood of the film keeps changing all the time. Of course, there are lots of good moments in the movie and it even qualifies as an okay attempt. But the lack of a credible storyline and the Premam hangover seems to affect the film in a big way. The unnecessary detailing and the over indulgent style, makes the length of 2 hours and 38 minutes a tiring affair.

Among the actors, it is Sharafudheen, who comes up with an impressive show. Siju Wilson is quite good, while Krishna Sankar makes only a limited impact. The heroine Punya Elizabeth does her part well. 

Thobama is a fine effort but one gets the feeling that it could have been better with some trimming. 

Thobama review- Verdict: Watchable

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