Thoonga Vanam

Thoonga Vanam

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Movie Title

Thoonga Vanam


Rajesh M Selva

Star Cast

Kamal Haasan, Trisha, Prakash Raj

Kamal Haasan’s Thoongaa Vanam is a faithful remake of French thriller, Nuit Blanche (Sleepless Night). Those who have seen the original might feel little underwhelmed as Kamal didn’t add any extra elements in the remake. But for others, it would definitely give an edge of the seat ride with world class action sequences and no-nonsense execution!

Diwakar (Kamal Haasan) is a Narcotic Bureau officer, his only son is kidnapped by drug lord Vital Rao (Prakash Raj) from whom the former has stolen expensive cocaine load. Mean time, two cops—Mallika (Trisha) and Thiraviyam (Kishore) follows Diwakar to unleash his dark side. What happens next? Watch on the big screen to know…

Debut director Rajesh M Selva takes his own time in establishing his characters but once all of them enter into the Insomnia pub (where the whole story takes place), things start moving like a tracer bullet and the tension settles down only during the climax. Though Kamal’s idea of remaking a classy thriller for Tamil audiences is laudable, one has to wait and see how our people are going to embrace the film.

Kamal Haasan has once again proved his inimitable acting prowess with a wide range of expressions. The high octane kitchen stunt between, Kamal and Trisha is mind-boggling, kudos to both the actors for clinching the authentic action sequence in style. It’s a completely different role for Trisha and the actress has pulled it off with great élan.

The other actors including Prakash Raj as the vehement drug lord and Kishore as the double-dealing police officer have given wonderful performances. The surprisingly enjoyable addition is actor Sams, his conversation with Kamal brings the roof down!

Thoongaa Vanam’s big strengths are its music composer Ghibran and cinematographer Sanu Varghese, together they have taken the film to a different level, not to forget the simon-pure sound design by Kunal Rajan.

Ghibran has given enough space for silence and at the same time, his glitch music elevates the anxiety. Similarly, Sanu Varghese’s angles at the narrow halls and pub with minimal lighting deserve applause.

Overall, Thoongaa Vanam is a classy thriller, which will definitely satisfy its target audiences!

Verdict: Good

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