The film lacks life, and is a slow coach of a movie that may put you to sleep!

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 8 September 2007

Movie Title



Haricharan, Newton

Star Cast

Adhitya, Nethra

It is supposed to be a love story with a difference, but 15 minutes in to the film you just can?t fathom what?s going on. It?s neither a pure vanilla love story nor an arty film. Directors S.Haricharan and Newton tries their best to be in a different genre but ends up falling between two stools.

The lovers in the film Karthi(Kaushik) an upcoming architect and Anu (Nethra) are as different as chalk and cheese in their attitude and approach towards life. Karthi has been born and brought up in a village with typical middle class values, and has strong emotional attachment to his mother. Anu on the other hand is a US returned girl, brought up by her dad a yuppie guy (Bhanuchandar) who loves to party. Anu drinks beer and is bold and brazen and open in her life style and attitude, which causes the thaw in the relationship.

Karthi encouraged by his close friends (Maurya, Ponnumani, Suraj) falls madly in love with Anu. But she rejects him basically because of his conservative approach, a frustrated Karthi attempts suicide! He is saved by his friends who help him recover and start on a new slate. When Anu comes to know about his suicide attempt and urged by her friends slowly falls in love, more out of sympathy than anything else. As the story drags towards the climax, things turn topsy-turvy with a twist in the climax.

The only things to recommend in this film which moves at snail pace is the work of the masters- Madhu Ambat?s camera, making Pondicherry look like a coastal French town, great lighting especially the interiors, and P.Krishnamoorthy?s choice of ethnic Baker style houses, gives it a touch of class. Issac Thomas Kottukapally?s soft and lilting melodies, without any jarring loud instrumentation creates the right mood.

As far as performances are concerned, there is nothing much to write about, Aditya a TV artist as Karthi, has one single smiling expression throughout the film, while Nethra has come out better in comparison. And Bhanuchandra as a US returned guy just hams. The film lacks life, and is a slow coach of a movie that may put you to sleep!

Verdict- Dry and dull

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