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Saturday 1 March 2008

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Jeevan, Priya Mani, Sampath Raj

Jeevan hates to be a villain on screen and is determined to be an action hero in formula films. His latest is Thotta directed by Selva in which he plays a larger than life hired underworld killer, who turns good after he falls in love, post interval!

There is nothing new in story, plot or treatment and music is loud. The story is as old as the hills. Like you have seen in many films, a poor boy and his mother come to city in search of his father who deserted them. The woman is heart broken and dies while her 10 year old son watches helplessly. A good Samaritan an auto driver helps the boy to give a decent funeral to his mom, and also provides some cash which is stolen by a corrupt and heartless cop Muthuvel (Sampat Raj).

The dirty cop makes him a goonda and changes his name from Shanmugham to Thotta (Jeevan)! Thotta grows up to be a deadly killer and is controlled by Muthuvel, a corrupt minister (Livingston) and a financier (Santhanabharathy), who make him do all their dirty work. One day he meets Nalina (Priyamani), whom he was supposed to throw acid on, but changes his mind after he realizes she is the daughter of his benefactor the auto driver! Soon Thotta starts developing a soft corner for her, as he helps her to realize her dream of becoming a cop!

Selva has made it like an 80's mass masala film with five fights, five songs including an item number, comedy by Mayilsamy, cops as bad guys along with a corrupt minister and financier, mother sentiments, sister sentiments, and finally good triumphing over evil. There is no logic and far too many loop holes in the screenplay, which leaves you exhausted after 2 hours and 30 minutes!

Jeevan is the typical angry young man of the 70's in the film, and fits the role to a T. He has to improve on his dancing, if he has to be a mass hero. Priyamani looks gorgeous, she has the right amount of oomph, can emote well and is willing to expose. Watch out for her song with Jeevan under the Athirappali waterfall! The main villain played by Sampat Raj has to make faces and scream, Livingston and Selvabharathy is getting typecast as comic villains, while Mayilsamy provides his usual comedy lines as hero's cook.

This Thotta just does not fire and is a rehash of so many films, and has nothing new to offer and is predictable.

Verdict- Run of the mill

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