Thottal Poo Malarum

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 3 August 2007

Movie Title

Thottal Poo Malarum



Star Cast

Sakthi, Gouri, Nassar, Vivek

There was a lot of expectations riding on P. Vasu?s son Sakthi?s debut film Thottal Poo Malarum, since Rajnikant had raved about it. It looks like, the superstar did not want to embarrass his Chandramukhi director and his ambitious plans to launch his son as an action hero.

Like all loving fathers, Vasu has gone all out to give his son a right royal launch in Kollywood. A film with rich look, Yuvan?s music, a Kareena Kapoor look alike heroine from Mumbai, a beautiful five-star hotel as backdrop for the rich heroines house, best of choreographers and exotic foreign locations for the songs. However Vasu forgot the most essential ingredient that goes into the making of a decent entertainer- a story!

When Ravi (Sakthi) son of a tutorial college professor Thyagarajan?s (Nassar) meets Anjali (Gauri Munjal) it is love at first sight. There is fierce opposition to their love from Periya Nayagi (Sukanya), Anjali?s mom a rich arrogant business woman, who insults the hero?s family. Ravi confronts and challenges Nayagi and swears that he will marry Anjali!

The shrewd and cunning Nayagi packs her daughter off to live under the protection of her brother, the dreaded don of Mumbai Varadaraja Vaandiyar (Raj Kiran)! The rest of the film is how Ravi goes to Mumbai, and using his brains and brawn enters the dons household and wins over his family, and finally the good natured don gift wraps his girl for him!

It cannot get dumber than this, a story which has been beaten to death in so many films. Recently the ?great story teller? Vikraman himself made a film with Bharat-Genelia Chennai Kathal with a similar plot! The only silver lining is Sakthi who makes a decent debut. He is good looking and does his role with a certain amount of confidence, but his father should have curbed his Rajnikant and even Simbu style of dialogue delivery and saying punch lines like Akade Choodu, made popular by the superstar.

Sakthi has to evolve a style of his own, if he has to make it. Vadivel as Kapali Khan a wanna-be -don just hams; the same comedy track was done by Vivek in an earlier film! Gauri Munjal, as the heroine is a spitting image of Kareena Kapoor, but has hardly anything to do.

The film flounders as the music of Yuvan is a terrible let down. All love stories with newcomers require peppy tunes, a hummable number for the youth. There is not even one catchy number, probably some third assistant of Yuvan must have composed the songs! The camera of Akash Ashok Kumar is eye catching, and action scenes are well choreographed by Thalapathy Dinesh which highlights Sakthi?s potentials as an action hero and good dancer.

If only his dad had given him a better script, as Sakthi?s debut film just does not make it to the finishing line. One hopes for the young man?s sake that he finds a better script in his next outing.

Verdict: Run-of-the-mill

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