Thottal Thodarum

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 23 January 2015

Movie Title

Thottal Thodarum


Cable Sankar

Star Cast

Thaman Kumar and Arundhati

Popular blogger and online critic 'Cable Sankar' debuts as a director with Thottal Thodarum which is a basically a romantic thriller.

The film is all about two strangers (Thaman, Arundathi) who initiate their conversation through prank phone calls and slowly develop a romantic interest. Mean time, Arundathi has been chased by cold-blooded criminals who murder people through a technique called orchestrated accident. Now, how Thaman saves Arundhathi from the mysterious yet dangerous gang forms the crux of the story.

To be frank, Cable Sankar's plot is ambitious and it is unique compared to some of the recent commercial films but falls flat. Though the initial phone conversations are endearing and realistic, had the director worked on the characterizations and mind game of the orchestrated gang, the film would have been more interesting. Also, the climax action sequence looks abrupt and it is evident that the film is directed by a first timer.

The problem here is that Cable Sankar has done his paper work with perfection but he missed a lot of things in screen transition. As the director himself is an ardent movie buff, the film is filled with quotes from various films which don?t gel with the plot.

Performance wise both Thaman and Arundathi are adequate. Though Arundathi looks cute, her intentions to be adorable in each and every frame appeals as a bit overdo which could have been avoided. Thaman on other hand looks smart for a romantic hero but again the actor could have worked little more on the dialogue delivery so that the performance would have been more realistic.

Technically, the film is filled with some hummable numbers otherwise the cinematography and editing are strictly average.Overall, ?Thottal Thodarum? is another film where everything looks good on paper but falls short of execution.

Verdict: Below Average

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