Thottappan review:The settings are delicious though the packaging is okay at best

Thottappan review:The settings are delicious though the packaging is okay at best

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 6 June 2019

Movie Title



Shanavas K Bavakutty

Star Cast

Vinayakan, Priyamvada Krishnan, Roshan Mathew

Thottappan, directed by Kismath fame Shanavas K Bavakutty, is an adaptation of a story by Francis Noronha. Amen writer P S Rafeeque has scripted the movie.

The title Thottappan is the local version of Thala thottappan or Godfather. The story is set in an island in suburban Kochi, where Ithakku (Vinayakan) is the thottappan of his friend Johnappan’s (Dileesh Pothen) daughter, Sara. 

Both Ithakku and Johnapppan are small time thieves living in modest surroundings. 

After Johnappan goes missing, Ithakku becomes a father figure to Sara. The film is basically about the affectionate relationship shared by a girl and her godfather, who lives only for her, searching for his long lost friend all along.

A young man named Ismu (Roshan Mathew) becomes part of the story and eventually in the lives of Ithakku and Sara. Then there are some other characters like Anthrapper (Lal), Andruman (Raghunath Paleri) and a retired cop, played by Sunil Sugatha.

With characters that are strikingly real and flawed like normal people, this one has been done in a sincere way. The settings are delicious though the packaging is okay at best. The story meanders away from the main focus at times and there are some episodes that seems to be there just as fillers. The visuals are good.

In another spectacular performance, Vinayakan shows what an amazing actor he is. He is shown in various get ups as the character becomes older and the way he presents the body languages of Ithakku needs to be applauded. 

Debutante Priyamvada Krishnan becomes Sara in a convincing way. Roshan Mathew, Dileesh Pothen, Sunil Sugatha and Raghunath Paleri have done their parts very well. 

Thottappan may be far from perfect but has its good moments and is an affecting experience. Try this one.

Thottappan review: Honest and affecting