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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Tuesday 3 July 2007

Movie Title



Praveen Kant

Star Cast

Praveen Kant, Gurlin Chopra, Vivek

Will Tamil directors turning heroes, take a look at the mirror before jumping in to do Casanova roles, where they seduce sexy nymphets by their mere looks? How long will the audience tolerate such narcissistic indulgences?

The audiences who venture out to watch travesties like director turned hero Praveen Kanth's Thullal, are really brave to sit through this crap. The guy goes on a self-indulgence trip, dresses like Rajnikant, mouths stupid punch lines and has two women swooning for him!

If you care for the story- Sakalai (Praveen Kanth), is a loafer who specializes in taking attractive girls to bed and boasting about it to his friends. He has no ego or emotions when it comes to skirt chasing, and absolutely no ethics nor is he interested in firming up a relationship. He meets Shruti(Gurlin Chopra) in a temple, woos her before she falls for him, and ditches her after she becomes pregnant.

Her friend Gayatri(Sonika), wants her to go to the police and register a case against him, but Shruti takes it in her stride. To take revenge, Sakalai starts wooing Gayatri who hates men, and slowly wins her over. Gayatri forces him to marry her and also puts certain conditions regarding when they will consummate their marriage.

They go to Ooty, for honeymoon and the couple bumps into Shruti who is now a tourist guide. What follow are cheap sentiments, emotional blackmail and a predictable ending that leaves you cold!!

The idea of Praveen Kant seems to be if S.J Suryah and Cheran can become heroes and sing songs and romance with beautiful babes, I too can do it! In fact prior to the climax in a dream song he has both the babes dancing in skimpy clothes and rolling all over him on the lush green in Ooty to a loud song! The only thing that may tempt you to take a risk to watch Thullal is Vivek?s hilarious comedy track, otherwise there is nothing in it.

The basic problem is Praveen's self indulgence and misplaced sense of self importance in his very first film as a hero! The audience might stomach an Ajit, Vijay or Surya playing a Casanova and frolicking with lovely girls but definitely not a Praveen Kant!

Verdict- Torture.

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