Thumbaa review:A film which will be surely enjoyed by kids

Thumba review:A film which will be surely enjoyed by kids

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Tuesday 25 June 2019

Movie Title

Thumbaa review:A film which will be surely enjoyed by kids


Harish Ram

Star Cast

Dheena, Darshan, Keerthi Pandian

Thumbaa is certainly a decent attempt from the young team which delivers a right message to the modern society that humans and animals should co-exist in the society. The film is purely aimed at kids especially the first half,  but the plot is juvenile and amateurish as it shifts focus from its core plot.

Hari (Dharshan) and Umapathy( Dheena) come to Top Slip to paint a tiger statue and colorfully design a well located mountain top. Then there is an aspiring young wildlife photographer Varsha (Keerthi Pandian) who gets special permission to click pictures inside the forest. Meanwhile, Thumbaa, a Tiger from Kerala enters into Top Slip along with its cub. A cunning forest officer denies that the tiger entered his range and sketches a plan to capture and sell it to buyers. 

The reason why the forest officer planning to capture Thumbaa is because it doesn't have the tracker whereas all other tigers in the forest are being monitored. The rest of the film is all about how Hari, Uma, and Varsha with the help of local people save Thumbaa and its cub from the forest officer and his gang....

Darshan who failed to impress us in Kanaa has not shown any improvement when it comes to acting or dancing and he looks uncomfortable in comedy scenes. He struggles to act in most of the scenes and should seriously think of  joining an acting course.

Keerthi Pandian looks convincing as the bubbly yet responsible young girl in the film, she is sure to get good roles in the future and her proficiency in the Tamil language will be an additional advantage. Dheena is another interesting addition to the film, and is the saving grace. Dheena and Keerthy actually carry the film forward with their earnest performances. The animated Thumbaa tiger, its cub and the monkey will surely attract the kids. 

The climax of the film appeals well with a noble message. Though the CG work looks tacky, the final product delivered is adequate for the given budget. Nevertheless, the writing could've been way better because the first half moves at a leisure pace with weak characters and few  mindless comedy scenes. The humour actually works when the three protagonists are involved with the tiger but most of the scenes on the first half only revolves around the humans and not the animal

Jayam Ravi's cameo has been used to convey the much needed message on preserving tigers but the song acts like a speed breaker and added after the film was completed.

To conclude, Thumbaa is a film which will be surely enjoyed by kids but the makers failed to attract all age group audiences mainly because of the weak writing. 

Thumbaa review: Average watch

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