`Tirupachi` creates a new record!

Last Updated: Thu, Jan 13, 2005 04:51 hrs

Vijay’s Tirupachi produced by Super Good Films, R.B.Chowdary has created history even before the release of the film with a new record of 207 prints!

It is the highest ever prints taken for a Tamil film beating the earlier record set by Vijay’s Ghilli of 180 prints! No Tamil film has released with so many prints worldwide. In Tamilnadu every 10 Kilometre you travel there will be a theatre screening Tirupachi!

The deadly combo of Vijay and ‘Super Good’ Chowdary has already set the box-office on fire as all areas of the film have been sold out at a reasonable price. The distributors are very happy as they have been able to get Minimum Guarantee (MG) from theatres ranging from Rs 3 to 10 Lakhs which makes the film profitable.

R.B.Chowdary told Sify.com: “The film is already a hit as we have recovered the cost and made a small profit before release and distributors will also stand to gain and theatres will recover the MG amount in the first week itself”.

The trade says that “Vijay is the Vasool Chakravarthy of Tamil films — the man with the best opening in the industry”. Added to that, the record 207 prints will ensure faster returns for everyone concerned.