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Friday 14 January 2005

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Vijay, Trisha, Mallika, Kota, Pasupati

Patience is a huge virtue especially when you watch mass masala Tamil films with no logic. Forbearance is necessary when one sets to watch Vijay?s Tirupachi. The credit attributes the story, screenplay, dialogue, lyrics and direction to Perarasu but it is a typical Vijay machine tooled crass commercial bereft of a soul.

Vijay has stuck to his regular formula - five songs, flying fights, crass comedy, punch line dialogues, dream songs in foreign locales and corny sentiments. So if you have seen earlier films of the superstar like Madurai, Tirumalai, Puthiya Geethai etc etc?. you may strive hard to find anything new in Tirupachi, which is old wine served in a new bottle, with a different label.

The film opens in Tirupachi, a village near Madurai where Sivagiri (Vijay) makes a living making the famous Tirupachi aruvaal or sickle. He is a happy-go-lucky guy whose life revolves round his only sister Karpagam (Mallika). She is the apple of his eye and he wants her to marry a nice guy. Enter Sai (Sai Baba) a nice young man who runs a canteen in a college in Chennai and soon Karpagam gets married to him and shifts to the city.

Sivagiri?s sidekick is Kannappan (?Autograph? Benjamin) who gets a visa to go to Dubai and our hero accompanies him to Chennai. He finds that Chennai is controlled by a mafia who roughs up his sister and husband and Kannappan gets killed. Now is the time for the hero to intervene and clean the Chennai city of its scum, so that his nephew (still in its mother?s womb) lives a good life!!!

Sivagiri turns into a one-man demolishing army to finish off some weird sounding villains ?Sanian? Sakatai (Kota), ?Pottas? Balu (Pasupati) and ?Pan Parag? Ravi (Aryan). The hero is given adequate support by gutless police force led by Raj Guru (Manoj K.Jayan) and inspector Veluchamy (Yugendran) as he cleans up the crime ridden Chennai city. Finally Karpagam delivers a baby in the village and all of them come back to a peaceful Chennai.

The basic theme of the film is the age old annan- thankachi pasam seen in umpteen films of the past along with heavy dose of violence packaged with Vijay formula. If you are looking for some newness, then the new tools of death like red-hot iron box, using heavy drainage manholes as flying saucers plus a lot of special effects in action scenes (a la Matrix style) are the highlights.

Tirupachi is a one-man show for Vijay as he is there in every frame along with Mallika, who plays his sister and the motivating force. If you wink, you may miss Trisha who is there for the song ?n? dance routine. The villains do their ham act adequately while Benjamin?s comedy role is refreshing. And for God?s sake what was Manoj.K.Jayan doing in that insipid role of a police officer?

Dheena, the Manmadharasa? fame music director has tried hard to create some mass songs but goes flat! In fact the only hit number Kannum Kannum Than? is credited to Mani Sharma that is a clean lift of Vidyasagar?s Asai.. Asai? from Dhool. On the whole there is one thing that might lure you into this mindless film- Vijay. Watch the film about a Pattikkattu Payyan from a village who becomes a superhero in the city.

Verdict: Time Pass

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