Tiruppur Subramaniam confirms 'Bigil' success!

Source :SIFY
Last Updated: Wed, Nov 6th, 2019, 20:45:00hrs
Tiruppur Subramaniam confirms 'Bigil' success!
In his recent interview to Vikatan, senior distributor Tiruppur Subramaniam has confirmed the terrific run of both 'Bigil' and 'Kaithi' at the box office. 

"Bigil's one of the producers Archana Kalpathi herself confirmed that they have earned profits so no doubts on the box office status of the film. For most of the distributors, the film has got back the investment and achieved break-even status. But a distributor should ideally earn profits by investing mammoth amount on a film like Bigil.  Kaithi was released by its producer SR Prabhu in most of the areas. As the word of mouth is good, the film has entered into profit zone", said Subramaniam.

"Despite mixed reviews, 'Bigil' has collected a massive amount. Imagine, what would happen if Vijay picks strong scripts. These days audiences enjoy films like Asuran. The box office run of 'Asuran' is higher than 'Maari 2' so audiences only want only strong content. Though Namma Veetu Pillai wasn't a unique story, it was different from Sivakarthikeyan's previous films so audiences enjoyed it. Big heroes should choose such strong content", added Subramaniam and thus indirectly commented that Vijay should follow Sivakarthikeyan and Dhanush in picking good content.