Trailer: Chetan Bhagat's thrilling 'unlove story'

Last Updated: Tue, Sep 04, 2018 18:34 hrs
chetan bhagat

Chetan Bhagat, the writer we love to hate, is back with a brand new book. And he’s got no qualms about admitting what medium he’s writing for. In fact, he is so open about it that he has launched his new book with a filmy Teaser!

Titled the The Girl In Room 105, this book is both similar and atypical to Bhagat’s style. Bhagat has charted young, urban relationships in all their messiness and complications in his previous outings. Here too, it starts off the same way - you have Bhagat’s ‘engineer’ struggling to make ends meet, cooped up with a friend who’s on the same boat, and a love life that was picture-perfect until it wasn’t. Cue the creepy aspects of Bhagat’s leading men - stalker-mode on and sozzled, the male character Keshav Rajpurohit hounds ex-girlfriend Zara with a pigheadedness on a messaging service, and follows her every move on social media. There’s radio silence from her end. And then, one night, she responds. Everything falls into place or, so it seems until he reaches her room where things take a dark turn.

This is where Bhgat’s new book veers from the familiar. He’s attempting a thriller for the first time and he’s got our attention thanks to the superfine trailer directed by Mohit Suri starring the stellar Vikrant Massey. What’s more, in this new world of Bhagat’s there’s RSS and Kashmiri Muslims thrown into the mix. Nothing new out here though, in the everyday news cycle.

But what we’re holding out for is this book being turned into a full-fledged movie. Suri and Massey have already have drawn us in. Also, Bhagat’s books play put better on screen.

Bhagat tweeted the Cover and the Trailer to his new book and called it an ‘Unlove Story’. Catch the The Girl in Room 105 in stores this October.