Trance review: Fahadh Faasil fans are in for a treat

Trance review: Fahadh Faasil fans are in for a treat

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Critic's Rating: 3.5/5

Friday 21 February 2020

Movie Title

Trance review: Fahadh Faasil fans are in for a treat


Anwar Rasheed

Star Cast

Fahadh, Nazriya,Vinayakan, Dileesh

In these times when even the mention of religion tends to divide people in a rather frightening way, director Anwar Rasheed deals with the highly sensitive topic, in his Trance.

Viju Prasad (Fahadh Faasil) is an ambitious youth from Kanyakumari, who comes from a modest background. He has seen his mother committing suicide and has an younger brother, who is facing depression. There is pretty much nothing for him to look forward to with hope in his life, but that doesn’t deter the youth from dreaming big.

The story is about his ascend to those heights, or to somewhere even beyond his wildest dreams, which happens quite unexpectedly. His story becomes "rags to riches"  in a short period as he now christened as Pastor Joshua Carlton, who is capable of doing miracles, of course with the help of “God”.

As religion becomes a highly profitable business, Viju or Pastor Joshua mints mega bucks and earn huge followers across the globe. But he achieves all these by paying a high price.

Now, anything more in terms of story details could take away the fun and excitement and we would like not to play spoilsports by doing so. Anwar has packaged the movie deliciously, adding lots of emotions, in an honest way. With top notch visuals, music and sound the viewer is in for a grand experience. 

But in a way, this film belongs to Fahadh Faasil, who is absolutely brilliant. The actor, who has mesmerized the viewers with his versatility in the past with roles of amazingly different shades, makes his transformation from a rather struggling motivational speaker to a high flying pastor, in a magical way. 

Nazriya Nazim joins the action in the second half and is impressive in a role that is different from the ones she has done until now. The rest of the cast, which includes Dileesh Pothen, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Soubin Shahir, Vinayakan and Chemban Vinod Jose, are all in good form. 

Trance is a genuine and brave attempt that is gripping from start to finish. The makers of this one should be appreciated for trying a theme like this, which is generally considered risky and even taboo in our country. For the diehard fans of Fahadh Faasil, you are in for a treat.

Trance review: Bold and thrilling



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