Trisha celebrates VTV with her online fans

Last Updated: Sat, Mar 27th, 2010, 11:56:09hrs
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Trisha celebrates <i>VTV</i> with her online fans
sha has made her mark down south, and she soon plans to find her way down the dangerous lanes of Bollywood with Khatta Meetha. But for now, she’s not thinking too much of the days to come — she’s basking in all the accolades she has received for her performance in Gautham Menon’s Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa and fans just can't wait to find out more about this beauty!

your original name


What is the secret behind your nonstop smile

m toooo happy a personn

Thanks for sparing your valuable time and all the best in your future endeavours

my pleasure..thank u v much

How did you rate your education period

the best times of my life

Who is your most desired actor

mr.kamal haasan

Where all you visited throughout the globe and what is your views about India compared to our country?

travelled quite a bit on work n holidays...but india is home n chennai is where ill always b

How long you would like to be in film industry

as long as people accept me here

what is your ambition

too late for me to b answering that

u have been looking sooo pretty... hope gets loads of happiness in your life


Hi Trisha, your expressions are damn cute... sometimes naughty too... are you naughty in real life too...


tell me about yourself

what do u wana know are you.....


hi.. r u in love with some1?

hmmmm...maybe...maybe not....uhhhhhhhh....i think so....i think not

among ur 4 hero's whom u like most ? why ? ur chemistry with that actor

who r the 4 heros ;)

Hi trisha, you look more beautiful when you cry... have you received such comments anytime?? he he...

yup priyan sir told me that once

What happened to Chenayil Oru Mazhaikalam.

u shud ask gautam ;)

Trisha plz do more movies, since now all the other actresses are doing 3 movies a year.


Why no telugu movies for 2010

waiting fr a project to xcite me

How come you refused so many big projects.

pls name them n ill tell u y

Hi Trisha, you looked damn beautiful in sarvam songs...most of your songs are becoming hits... any secret behind that?? he he... i think it's your screen presence...

thank uuu :) people like u keep it going for me

How do you manage to be in top 2 or 3 over 7 years

i choose the right directors :)

Your best on screen pair is undoubtedly AJITH KUMAR , Your take on this

yup v do look nice tgether n i think hes a great looking actor

Who is your fav. actress for 2009.


Can you plz do 3 movies per year.

have to make sure they all interest me

What is your opinion on Anuska and Tamanah

anushka is the warmest n most non filmi person ive ever met...n tamanah is a great actress n an absolute sweetheart..shel go places

In Canada you are no 1!!. Please continue more films.

wow really ?? thanks fr sure

tamil is where my heart will always be....telugu is where people truly gave me the best roles n recognition n hindi helped me take off my blinkers where many things r concerened

Hi Trisha, you look innocent... i like your innocence the most... are you really inoocent?? he he

nooooo..cant survive in this world tday if ur innoicent

hi trisha when will u visit lord venkatesha

shud make a visit soon

Hi Trisha, Will you please do more Telugu and Hindi films.

most certainly

hi trisha!feels very good to interact with you was your experience acting in vinnai thaandi varuvayaa

one of my fav films till date...superb to work with such a team

hi trisha, i am 1 of ur biggest fans.....just wanted to know if you would act in malayalam movie. coz there are a lot of fans eagerly waiting for you to do so.

yes i wudnt mind

hi trisha


You are in Chennai since your elementary school days....and also a Tamilian...Why do you depend on Savitha and Chinmaye to dub for you in Tamil

coz my tamil is a bit anglacized...will have to start dubbing sooon tho

Whom do you think is the best co star for you ,one in Tamil and one in Telugu name please...

cant mention one honestly

Alai Simbu Vs VTV Simbu,compare...

no comparisons at all :) chalk n cheese

hi trisha what is your favourite food ? do u like non veg

i lovvve chinese,thai,japanese n indian

i like very much the scene in vtv is you are in train simbu is enter the train you are watching so nice


Hi Trisha, what is your lucky number??


Which was the best scene between you and Simbu in this film?

the central park scene

Do you see any part of yourself in the character Jessy?

im a carbon copy of her...impulsive,confused n stubborn

Do you believe in God

veryy mucchh

Hi Trisha why don't you play matured roles?? are you still young?? ha ha

what do u think ?

Great Job in VTV,So what drew you towrds this film?The story or the character Jessy

the very fact that gautam menon was directing it :)

hey trisha do u have any idea to act with siddarth? and experience to work with him?

hes my dearest friend ...wud luv to work with him again

how was de experiance with simbu in vtv

good fun..v had a blast wile making the film

hi dear im ranjini........ur really awesome in ur best wishes to u my frnd...

thanku ranjini

u luk very pretty in vtv.. great acting...when s ur marriage....

thankuuuuu....find me a boyyy na ;)

How do you rank the following that attributes to your success...Beauty or Skills or PRO or Mere Luck

a bit of everythn

Is there anything you wish, you could change in Trisha...

wish i didnt have such a short temper

Anything in Bollywood you find different from Tamil film industry

too premature to be answering that coz ive done just one film in hindi that too with a south team

What is your next project in Tamil?

with mr.kamal haasan

How do you react tothe MORPHED,Video clippings of yours appearing on Net and and then?


Hi Jessy, while there are millions of girls in this world, why did I fall in love with you?? ha ha

u tell me....common now...think hard

hi trisha , well done in vtv . i think the role of nayan with simbu in vallavan should be done by you


hi trisha which role you hve pleased with ur performance and which role done by other actress do you was missed one

i loved VtV...wish i cuda done varanam aayirum...loved sameeras role

V wanna see u in different roles like VTV and Abhiyum Naannum....Plz don't stick to Commercial Movies hereafter....

commmercial films r also very important to me

Besides,acting and modeling,what else ypu can do?

i play tennis,do yoga,i read n love spending time with people who r important to me

Does TRISHA,being actress make any difference to the normal Trisha?

not at all...but i loooovveee stardom n everythn that comes with it

Has the role Jessy changed your perspective to your personal life....I mean now u r ready to say yes to one of the boys chasing you real life...


hi trisha i am pandu.hope u recogmize me(facebook mesgs).nice to chat with u?my question is did u watch telugu version of vtv.what do u feel about samantha?

yesssss how r u panduuu..thx fr all ur fb msgs.....sam is my very dear friend ,a fabulous actress...

My girl friend wants to know the secret of your slim figure...How do you maintain it

i work out thrice a week n eat right most of the times

Hey u r 27 and no boy friends how do you survive?

no wonder i survive ;)

SAMI,BHEEMA.....Hero Vikram....can we se you together in the near future...

sounds interesting

Name one Celebrty Crush of yours....some one International?

leonardo di caprioo...n thats been consistent for the last 7 yrs

What went wrong with Abhiyum flopped?

firstly it didnt flop :) i consider it one of my most substantial roles till date

My wife says PAAVADAI and Dhaavani is created in this world only for Trisha....Do you agree that this dress fits you the most?

tell her i sed thankss......yes i think i look better in indian too

Are you a good Cook,What was the last dish you made?

i can make noodles n boil rice...

hi trisha , who selected this name and what its meaning

my mom n it means victory

in future you must act with simbu your chemistary is very fine in vtv

will do

If you are in aparty and a very handsome stylish guy approaches you for a straight Dating....Will you say Yes....without hesitation?

nope...i find that too cheesy

You and your fan clubs started the movement in a big way towards fight against Children Cancer....Are you still in it?

yup v much

You are highly Sophisticated and south film industry is not at all made up for your stylish personality....Don't you feel like water on Lotus Leaf situation here?

naaaahhh there r a lota cool people here,trust me

Have you really gifted your DAD, a three star hotel in Hyderabad...


What is the toughest thing to handle in life of being an actress?

being nice to certain people who drive u bananas

Hi Trisha, do you like your dad more or your mom more??..

closer to my mum

Secret of your Success?? . And your tips to ur fans for success in their life?

stay happy,xpect very little outa life..

Hi Trisha did u miss any movie that went on to become superhit?

dasavadaram n varanam aayiram

Hi Trisha is it true that u are acting in Kamal's marmayogi? what happened to that project? when will it happen?

yes i did a fotoshoot for marmayogi...hoping fr that project to take off soon...its a brilliant script

Hi Trisha u were awesome and gorgeous in VTV. Can u plz tell what role u play in Kamal's movie? any other movie in tamil apart from Kamal's movie?

rite now only kamal sirs film...its a stylish n fun role

Hi Trisha, who is ur favourite hero among these heroes? Ajith? Vijay? Surya? Vikram? plz say only one answer. Dont say all :)

i do have a fav but rather not say it ;)

Who's your favourite heroine right now? Among the top heroines?

sriya coz shes also my best friend n tamanah coz i find her adorable on n off screen

Hai Trisha.All the best for your Bollywood Entry! Just like Asin you will make it big there! What are your comments about Asin?

thanku :) asin is a very sincere n talented girl

will u come to orissa near future

dont mind if work brings me there

Hai Trisha, I love u so much. ur so cute in half saree. ur acting is excellent in VTV. Please always do homely characters

okie doks

hai, trisha, am form orissa and i see only few movie of yours, so my question is " when u will join bollywood"

doing a film with akshay kumar...look out fr it june

hi i like ur all flims how will u manage all problems in cinima industry ?

i ignore them n live my life xactly how i wish to

hi trisha if you get chance to act with rajini sir. wat u will think?

wowieeeeeeeeee ......i cant wait

How do you take it when always people ask you refering your mother....Is she your elder siste?

im used to it now ;)

what you thinking abt girls basically?

m so happy im one

which is your favorite comedy?


hi trisha congrats for joing my favourite actress list. the list includes sim joe. what do you think

only now im on ur list ;(

Hi Trisha, you looked really like a doll among the other dolls in the movie ghilli.. you are amazing...


do you love any1 except me ?? :)

i lovvveee tooo many people inc u ;)

Did you really only gobble maggie three times a day for a month and end up loosing all the weight.

yehhhhh lota maggie but also cheated a few times...i dont recommend it at all..there r healthier ways to diet

Vinaithandi varuvaya... Its a nice movie? what is ur idea abt this film?

my fav film :)have watched the film 6 times till now n trust me its not only coz im starring in it

Hi Trisha. What's your salary?

differs from film to film ;)

You have missed AaduKalam Why

was lovely chatting with all u guys...c ya sooonnnn

Hi Trisha if a real situation occurs as in VTV what will u do? cheat him? :P

follow my heart always....

who is ur fav co-star? vijay or simbu

uh oh......

what is the meaning for ur name 'trisha' !!!


hi 3sha. In vinnaithandi varuvaya when is seen ur 'jesy' character i would remember my frnd 'Daisy'. she is gr8 fan of urs. Pls say 'hi' to her

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii daisyyyyyyyyyyyyy

trisha u look so young actualy how old are u:d?

im veryyyyyyyyyy young so obviously i look it ;))

how u feel work with goutham

hes my fav director no doubt....just love his style n the kind of person he is

rate gautham on a scale of 10


Hi Trisha, doctor's apron suited you so well in the movie sarvam... have you ever thought of becoming a doctor in real life??... like me...

no...too much studying

my pohne is 0033 130300551 iam waiting your call ok


Hi Trisha what role do u play in Khatta Meetha? light-hearted entertainer? when is its release?

the role of a collector

Hi Trisha, happy to C performing Trisha again.but v like ur glamour too.. so dnt avoid it.

nah i love the glamourous side of me too ;)

Hi Trisha, do you like chatting?

loveee it

hi trisha whats your dream role

rani mukherji's in black

Hi Trisha, whenever your movie is released, i feel so happy....don't know why... he he... what are your upcoming movies??

a film with mr.kamal haasan n one with akshay kumar

hi trisha , congrats and best wishes for ur success, will you take the role of JAMES BOND GIRL

yesss yesss y not ?

Dear Trisha... i hav seen u Driving ur BMW in chennai,,, How fast ll u drive??u like driving :)

i dont drive my bmw ever....i lovvvveee drivingggg n it takes my mind off everythn

Dear Is akshay kumar..dnt settle in mumbai. do some movies in Kollywood too ....

ill never leave my singara chennaiiii..akshay is soooo funny n soooo hottt

Hi Trisha, which flavored ice creams you like the most??

m a chocoholic

Hi Trisha, you deserve to act in hollywood movies.... do you like to act in hollywood movies if you were given a chance??

let me get it first

will you please act more tamil filims like vtv ok

yes i will

Hi Trisha, do you like fashion shows??

oh yes i enjoy watching them

Love U from deep of my heart the only thing i would like is to see you smiling and successful till i live and nothing else, Please come in Hindi Movies fast cant understand Tamil would love to watch U

most certainly

hi trisha apart from your cinema life could you able to enjoy with your friends? which is your favourite spot?

i loooooveeeee my friends n hanging with them...v love fishermens cove

u LOOK so beautiful

blush blush

who is ur dream actor that u would like to work with in tamil cinema??

since im already working with kamal sir,it would have to be rajni sir

Felt very happy to see u in a IPL match.Awesome smile.What will be your response if the parting in VTV happens in your real life?Also will you leave ur loved one for such a strange reason?

nahh thats where me n jesse r different i guess...ill try my best to make sure i marry the man im in love with

First of all HATS OFF for the brillliant performance in VTV.U came film thro Lesa Lesa,directed by Priyadarshan.Now in hindi too with him.Yet why you didint act in any malayalam movie?Its our Keralites' long term dream.Can we expect it soon??

i dont differentiate between languages...wana work with mr.mohanlal sooon

Whats the quickest and easiest way to loose the lard? You look goegous and stunning in VTV. Wish all your directors could make you look this good.

workout ,do power yoga n dont eat after 7pm

Hi Trish....My very best to you always...may all your movies fetch you good name. I will be waiting for your reply. No words can describe my affection for you. All the best. Please keep in touch.

thank u v much

hi trash how r u im u r die hard fans i wish to be u r friend this is my no 9952076998 if u accept my friendship i will wait for u r replay u r performance in vtv was mindblowing

thanku thanku thanku

How are you madam. are you fine madam


dear trisha love u from deep of my heart want to see u smily and successful till i live , pleeeease dont get angry if you feel a kiss on your forehead while chatting with me . All the best

how u feel the kiss im sending u too ;)

Hai Thrisha, How R u?? Hw is ur Family??

vr alll doing well.thx :)how r ya

Dear Sweetheart, u dont like to eat? how u maintain ur physic...awesome......

do u kno me at alllllll???? i live to eat :)but i work out n im toooo hyper so good metabolism i guess

Hello trisha, If story demanded ll u do bikini?

firsst let me get a body to get into a bikini n then will give it a thought

Hi trisha, today is my off, i missed d chance of seeing u.....very sad :( :( :(

:((((( therel always be another time

Dear trisha, wats ur pet name?


Dear Trisha, how was it working with KAMAL.. now u pairng with Bolly & kolly wood toppers, how do u feel?

kamal sir is a genius n one of the most intelligent human beings ive ever met..

Hei.. Trisha... How is to work with Akki in B'wood? will you accept any other offers too if it comes better that B'wood?

akshay is a darling...will def take up sumthn if it interests me

Abhiyum is u r character in this movie and wat do u say about Prakash Raj????

prakash rajj is a fab actor n very hard to do a scene with him coz hel always end up stealing the show...abiyum naanum is one my best characters n made people take notice of the actress in me

hi namo venkateshaaaaaaaaaa

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii .

All the best for your Bollywood Entry. Even your competitor Asin wished you!

thank uuuuuu

Hai Trish some years ago u were competing wid Asin, you won the race! Hw do u feel about that? But when asked Asin this she said "“I am not experienced enough to advice someone. But my wishes are always there for Trisha.” Isn't that so sweet of her?

oh yeh shes really sweet..infact was the first heroine to send me a text wen i won the state award..i wish her all the best

Hello Trish, how r u ? Im a very big fan of u !! I want to tell u that ur acting is mind blowing in VTV. About ur futur projects, i want to ask u if Chennaiyil Oru Mazhaikalam is still dealyed !!


when r u goin 2 act with vijay again.....?!?!

really dunno

Hello trisha, im a very big fan of u !! I tried so many times to contact u by facebook but i think u didn't accept other persons than ur friends. I sent some mails by facebook but u didnt reply too. I want to tell u that ur acting is mind blowing in VTV.

thankuuuuu soooo much

Jessie Thekekuttu or Siri character you felt was best handled by you ? dont be diplomatic and reason why?

ooooo god.....really really two fav characters ya :(

hi 3sha my best artest 1.lakshmi and u


hi trisha when will be your marriage ? it it love or arranged ? whether the guy should be bramin or not

i jus have to be madly in love with him..the rest will fall into place ;)

Hi Trisha, when people say that you look damn gorgeous, how do you feel or react??

everytime i hear it feels like im hearing it for the first time :)

Hi Trisha, you are my most favourite actress... you are the best... you look so cute....and charming... I pitied Simbu so much in the movie VTV... ha ha...

thankuuuuuuuu y did u pity him ?

Wen u gonna join hands with thalapathy again?


Hi Trisha, do you dub in your movies??

have dubbed only for mani sirs film

how do you maintain your beauty

just stay happy n dont take life too seriously

Hi Trisha, what is your most favorite TV show...

toooo many,prison break,24,lost,desperate housewives,gossip girls,etc,etc,etc

what is the secret of your beauty?


Hi Trisha, are you really calm in real life?? you look so...

oh gawd not at crazzyyyy n hyperrr

Hi Trisha, you look really beautiful in saree.. what do you yourself think about it?? he he

yes after all the comments from u starting to think so as well...thx to gautam

Hi Trisha, do you think true lovers can part? as in the movie VTV? I don't think so..hehe

sadly it happens all the time but life does go on :)

Hi Trisha, will you marry a cine star??

honestly id rather marry a film personality

how is it acting with simbu?

hes a good co star

Hi Trisha, how many proposals have you got in your life?? he he

not tooo many :(

Will you judge any of the reality show

wudnt mind ...depends on wich show

3sha garu i like ur charitable works.Tell about ur services

charity shudnt be spoken about

do you like tamil or telugu industry ? what about bolly wood

Trish.. my wife is a very thick fan of you.Also me..If you come to Bangalore,Pls vistit my home..Myself and my wife will really be happy..

sure will

rajani trisha / kamal trisha how long we have to wait

welll im still waiting so....

Will you participate in trisha ka swayamvar?if yes , i would like to apply Do you mind?

nooo way....

Hi Trisha, where did you get your smile from?? from mom or dad?? he he

neither actually...think my paaty

congrats on that VTV role.. U played a mallu to perfection..

i have a lota mallu blood...prolly thats y ;)

Hi Trish,u were mindblowing in VTV.Congrats.I wish u to get similar roles/movies in future also.

me toooooooo...thanks

Who is your favorite Designer ? Sidney i guess?

sidney n i dont work tgether..hes my best friend...from the people iv worked with its chetan n nalini

Hi Trisha, you are the most beautiful girl in this world... any comments? he he

awwwwwwwww i dont think in the world tho ;)

hi trisha will u join politics ? which is your party?

nooooooooooooooooooooo......shud i ?

Which is your favorite costume ?

i love summer dresses

Actors of Huge Egos Do you agree?

hmmm some of them yes

Your comments on ShaliniAjith.. Do you know her from your school days?

yup she was my senior from of the nicest people iv met,so down to earth n friendly...n shalini-ajith r my fav couple in cinema

hi trisha when will you pair with kamal

my next film is with kamal sir

Hi Trisha, I liked you the most in the movies ghilli and something something...of course VTV now... which movie of yours you like the most??


hi trisha if you not enter cinema what would you have been

criminal pshycologist

your comments on Asin,Nayan & Tammanah

asin is a great actor..loved her in ghajini n tamanah is a cutie n a very sweet person

Have you evern been in Love or Loved??

yes i have

in india which place you like more


u r the only steady actress. All type of costumes suit only to u.

how very sweet of u

hi trisha what is the secret of your hair? changing hair style for every film?

the regular hair treatments i do

Will you go for a macho man or smart man when you chose a person to be your life partner , Mind you both are Wealthy persons not too fond of macho men witout brains

Hi Trisha, i liked telugu version climax more... what is your thought on it?? I like happy endings...

hmmmm in the beginning i thought so toooo but now i feel this is more poignant

Unfortunate for CSK to lose the match , when you were present in the ground

ya for one match :((

I like your nemo tattoo

me tooooooooo...thx

Hi Trisha, do you know to play music or sing songs??

im a bathroom singer

hi your favourite song from your film

manipaya from VTV

Hi Trisha, which color dress suits you the most... i think yellow...

hmmmmmm ya yellow is my new black ;)

hi trisha iam tamilan livig in kerala do you know malayalam


You have missed AaduKalam Why

was lovely chatting with all u guys...c ya sooonnnn

If i want to see ur cool pics where can i see those...?


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