TRIVIA: Check out unknown facts about 'Vikram Veda'

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Last Updated: Tue, Jul 18th, 2017, 23:46:57hrs
TRIVIA: Check out unknown facts about 'Vikram Veda'
1.Maddy lost weight and altered his body shape to a lean/ mean look to fit in the role of an encounter cop. He was on stringent diet even during strenuous shooting schedules

2.Vijay Sethupathi has four looks in the film, from an ambitious young man in his 20s to a gangster in his 30s to a powerful gang lord in his 40s, ending in a jaded don!

3.Maddy’s character Vikram shoots twice for every kill; that’s his signature style

4.Maddy and Vijay Sethupathi met and spoke for the 1st time on the sets of Vikram Vedha. It was a deliberate move to retain the play between them on their very first interaction scene

5.A food lover and a people’s person, Vijay Sethupathi used to have lunch from one of his fan’s house at the shoot location.

6.Pushkar and Gayatri, after choosing the Vikram-Betal structure for the film, considered various settings like politics, business, journalism, etc to fit the construct before settling on cop-gangster world.

7.The film was shot in a tight schedule of 53 days with hectic schedules and no breaks to accommodate the busy schedule of the actors.

8.Director Vignesh Shivan penned the theme song, ‘Karuppu Vellai’. Vijay Sethupathi was instrumental in bringing him in.

9.More than 3000 bullets (blanks, specifically used for cinema) were fired on the sets

10.The guns used by the cops in the film are authentic pistols issued to our police force

11.Nasser has lent his voice for the title sequence.

12.Maddy used to amuse the cast and crew with his amazing magic tricks during break time

13.Shraddha Srinath was considered for the role after her performance in U-turn

14.Varalakshmi’s role was altered and re-written a bit after she was cast in the film

15.Kathir was a strong option for his role after the directors saw his stellar performance in the film ‘Kirumi’.

16.Richard Kevin, the editor of the film also worked as an assistant director in the shoot to learn the other side of filmmaking.

17.Sound Designer Rajakrishnan (4frames) along with the sound designers Hari & Sachin (Sync cinemas) were involved in creating an interesting audio scape for the film even before post-production works started.