Two Countries

Two Countries



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 26 December 2015

Movie Title

Two Countries



Star Cast

Dileep, Mamta Mohandas

There is nothing that you haven’t heard or gone through, in Shafi’s Two Countries. But even then, Dileep & Co manages to keep you fairly entertained with this one.

Ullas (Dileep) has big dreams in life but is never ready to work hard to achieve it. So he looks for shortcuts and will try every trick to make some fast bucks. 

He agrees to marry the handicapped sister of a north Indian businessman, settled in Kerala, just for the hefty share in their wealth. But when another proposal comes, this time from a Canada based Malayali girl named Laya (Mamta Mohandas), he has no qualms in going for the new one.

But he lands up in trouble here, as his wife turns out to be addicted to the bottle. The jokes about booze, sex, divorce and everything related ensues and the story moves ahead in a predictable manner.

There are some funny characters and incidents here and there, but it has all been done in a lazy manner. The frantic effort to make every situation comical is seen so often. 

As it happens in most Malayalam films, the visuals from Canada are limited to some random shots from the streets or the airport. 

Shafi, who has made some fantastic comedies in the past, teams up with his scenarist brother Raffi, to make a potpourri of familiar situations here. 

Though some of the sequences remind you of their earlier hit together, My Boss, Dileep and Mamta have done their parts quite earnestly. 

Two Countries could have been better, but even in the current form it can make you laugh. And that is perhaps all that its makers wanted as well. If all you want is some fun without thinking much, buy a ticket for this one.

Verdict: Masala Entertainer

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