Udanpirappe review: A template rural entertainer

Udanpirappe: A template rural entertainer

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 14 October 2021

Movie Title

Udanpirappe review: A template rural entertainer


Era Saravanan

Star Cast

Jyotika, Samuthirakani, Sasikumar, Soori

Director Era Saravanan's Udanpirappe is a typical rural family emotional drama on the lines of Kadai Kutty Singam and Kizhakku Cheemaiyile. The film talks about the indifferences that exist in a family comprising of good people but with different ideologies.

Vairavan (Sasikumar) is the do-gooder in his village but takes the law into his hands whereas his brother-in-law Sargunam(Samuthirakani) is an ahimsa lover, the latter believes that the court and cops are more than enough to bring justice to the people. Vairavan, his younger sister Mathangi (Jyotika), and Sargunam used to live happily under one roof but a shocking incident split the family. Now, Vairavan is not on talking terms with Mathangi and her husband. However, they get a chance to reunite after Vairavan's son and Sargunam-Mathangi's daughter get engaged. But another problem crops up...

Director Era. Saravanan's treatment is old school but what makes Udanpirappe engaging is the rooted characters and the strong emotional scenes that are amplified by excellent performances of Jyotika, Samuthirakani, and Sasikumar. The subplot featuring Kalaiyarasan looks forced in the script and it brings in a Drishyam angle but then, all ends well in the climax.

Being her 50th film, Jyotika shines with her expressive eyes and emotionally stirring performance, she has perfectly pulled off Mathangi, a bold and caring Tanjore woman. Samuthirakani has exhibited yet another quality performance whereas Sasikumar is also adequate as the ferocious bigshot in the village. Among the supporting actors, Sija Rose steals the show and Soori also grabs our attention in a few scenes.

Technically, Velraj's camera rightly captures the dry and fertile locations of the Tanjore belt while Imman brings in the Kadai Kutty Singam vibe with his songs and background score. Editor Ruben has packaged the film under 140 minutes, a crisp runtime for a family drama.

To conclude, despite the familiar narration, Udanpirappe works out mainly because of the towering performances of the lead actors and some well-sketched emotional scenes by director Saravanan.

Verdict: Emotional family drama





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