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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Wednesday 7 April 2004

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Vijay, Simran, Vivek, Nassar

In terms of story, script and direction, virtually every aspect of Vijay?s long delayed Udaya looks ancient and is a total let down.

No one can make sense of this storyline! Udayakumar (Vijay) is a village boy who is shown as a part time lecturer teaching Physics in a college. Udaya is an encyclopaedia on meta-physics and even gets a scholarship at the prestigious Princeton University in America but our hero does not go, as he wants to spread his vast knowledge among our illiterate villagers! Udaya is also in love with a student Vasanthi (Simran) who is already engaged to a cousin in US who is eyeing her wealth.

Due to some misunderstanding, Udaya and Vasanthi are separated as he goes to Chennai in search of a job. Udaya turns into an angry crusader as he gets a job as a journalist thanks to his friend Basheer (Vivek).

But his writings, especially on the illicit liquor lobby, make the management of the paper fire him from the job. Soon he meets ?Thalaivar? (Nassar) a radical self-styled left sympathiser who works as a cobbler. He uses Udaya to make a new variant of RDX!!!

Meanwhile Vasanthi also comes to Chennai and starts living with Udaya. Now ?Thalaivar?, a mercenary uses the RDX made by Udaya and blows up a train. Udaya is framed and sent to jail. He believes that ?Thalaivar? will bail him out but Vasanthi opens his eye about ?Thalaivar? whom he worships and admires.

On the whole Udaya is an unbelievable yarn and is an excuse in an amateurish filmmaking. It is roughly constructed, haphazardly shot and even burdened with tedious scenes that suddenly turn into dream scene for the songs! There is only one stanza picturised in two of the notable songs like ?Thiruvelikeni Rani??, as the producer ran out of money!

Evidently the long delayed and shoddily assembled film couldn?t inspire its actors or technicians who were said to have not been paid for their work! Priyan?s camera and Prabhakaran?s set designs are strictly slap-dash variety. The story cannot be digested even by die-hard Vijay fans who hooted when their hero makes RDX!! A R Rahman himself had disassociated himself from the film and Praveen Mani was roped in to do the re-recording.

Verdict: Tacky and tedious

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