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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 13 July 2007

Movie Title



Om Sai Prakash

Star Cast

V. Ravichandran, Srikanth, Jennifer Kotwal, Kamna Jethmalani,

Director Saiprakash seems to have lost interest half way through making this remake of the hit Telugu film 'Santosham'. First and foremost the casting could have been better and the unnecessary comedy mars the tempo. And the basic story resembles Ravichandran's own film 'Ondagona Baa'.

Sanjay and Kaveri (Ravichandran and Kamna Jethmanali) marry against to the wishes. Kaveri's father is extremely angry with this and he cuts off the relationship with his daughter but the huge family members are not interested in this development. At Ooty Kaveri gives birth to a baby boy and dies.

Sanjay looks after the child but Kaveri's cousin Priya (Jennifer Kotwal) is immensely in love with him secretly. Sanjay and his child is invited against the wishes of head of the family for a family marriage. Priya and Arjun (Srikanth ? Telugu actor) are announced as the next pair to get married. This is what Priya does not like and on the other hand Arjun seeks the help of Sanjay in finalizing his marriage to Priya.

Sanjay is now in a dilemma. His efforts go waste but an intelligent Arjun understands the situation. He walks away without creating further complication. This is a cool role for Ravichandran though he looks bloated throughout the film. Master Nayan has done very well. Jennifer Kotwal the beautiful 'Jogi' heroine has improved leaps and bounds in acting. Kamna Jethmalani is just ok. Srinivasamurthy and his family members have rendered good support for the film.

Patnayak goes blank in giving fresh tunes. He has lifted his own tunes in Telugu film and managed to adjust to the lyrics. H.C.Venu has doneglorious job in his camera. Verdict ? Average

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