Ulkuthu review: A Watchable revenge thriller

Caarthick infuses light-hearted comedy and a few unpredictable twists to make the screenplay engagin

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 30 December 2017

Movie Title

Ulkuthu review: A Watchable revenge thriller


Caarthick Raju

Star Cast

Dinesh, Balasaravanan, Sriman, Dilip Subbarayan, Sharath Lohithaswa

Caarthick Raju's Ulkuthu is a routine mass revenge thriller but what makes it watchable is the director’s treatment. Caarthick infuses light-hearted comedy and a few unpredictable twists to make the screenplay engaging, but the film would’ve actually worked better with a mass hero in the lead.

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Sura Shankar (Bala Saravanan) meets a stranger Raja (Dinesh), who says that he is an MBA graduate and not on good terms with his rich dad. Shankar feels that Raja is the perfect match for his sister Kadalarasi (Nandita Swetha) and befriend with him. But in an unexpected situation, Raja beats up the son (Dilip Subbarayan) of the local loan shark and gangster Kaaka Mani (Sharath Lohitaswa), Sura Shankar and his sister Kadalarasi regret having Raja in their life. But Raja has a story to tell.

Though Bala Saravanan’s repetitive comedy punch ‘Sura Shankar na summava’ tests our patience in the beginning, the twists and turns actually make the same line enjoyable in the second half. Ulkuthu follows the template of old KS Ravikumar and SP Muthuraman’s films but Caarthick Raju has made necessary changes to suit the taste of the current audiences.

As mentioned earlier in the review, Caarthick could’ve opted for a better hero for this script. Ulkuthu demands a star rather than an actor. Further, Dinesh still has the Cuckoo hangover , his eyes are not expressive,and the actor should seriously consider reinventing himself to stay long in the showbiz. Dilip Subbarayan as the easily offending son of the gangster is quite impressive and Sarath Lohitaswa also attracts us with his love for the Kabaddi game to express his thoughts. Sriman has got a role after a long time in Tamil cinema, he has done his job perfectly.

PK Verma’s cinematography is adequate whereas Justin Prabhakaran’s music rightly elevates the tense moments. To conclude, Ulkuthu is a watchable revenge action thriller mainly because of the director’s treatment and surprising twists and turns.

Ulkuthu review: A watchable revenge thriller

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