Ulsaha Committee

Ulsaha Committee



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 05 May 2014

Movie Title

Ulsaha Committee


Akku Akbar

Star Cast

Jayaram, Sheela, Isha Talwar

No point in mincing words, director Akku Akbar?s Ulsaha Committee is absurd, loud and boring to the core. This buffoonery is targeted at those who are at the theatres looking for those cheap mimicry jokes or double meaning dialogues, leaving their brains back home.

Apoorvan (Jayaram) is a school dropout trying out amazing scientific discoveries one after the other. Jayaram mimics the peculiar ?Palakkadan? slang made famous by Biju Menon in 'Ordinary' to add zing to his role. He is always seen with friends, Babumon (Kalabhavan Shajon) and Chopra (Baburaj).

The escapades of the trio then go on in an irritating way, followed by another episode where a sexy Haritha Nair appears with a ?solar? plan. The trio is taken for a ride by Haritha and then, a kidnap happens.

With a horrible script, Jayaram and Co. just goes on a rampage with silly scenes, forgetting the viewers in the process. If comedy is not enough, there is melodrama, twists, action and song n dance exercises as well.

Now, it?s quite natural to accept that in comedies, things may become boisterous, defy logic and one perhaps shouldn?t take things too seriously. But the whole purpose should be to entertain the viewers and what if all that the film succeeds is to irritate you?

Jayaram is not really known for his exceptional acting chops, but it is pathetic to see the actor stooping to these levels to make the viewers laugh. Needless to add, he falls flat in the attempt.

Kalabhavan Shajon, who was brilliant in Drishyam is okay at best. Baburaj, who was accepted as a comedian for a while before he started overdoing it, is far from impressive. Isha Talwar has nothing much to do and Sheela repeats her trademark style.

Ulsaha Committee is all about stale jokes and repellant gags that are repeated in every film of this genre. Disturbingly loud and totally pointless, all this film manages is to make you cringe. Try this one at your own risk!

Verdict: Torture

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