Unnai Ninaithu

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 13 May 2002

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Unnai Ninaithu



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By Moviebiz

Has director Vikraman run out of ideas? This is what one feels after watching his latest film Unnai Ninaithu. The film is nothing but a rehash of his earlier hits and is long winded and extremely slow paced mainly due to illogical story, songs pushed into the narrative and a jarring comedy track.

The story is set in an old mansion turned into a lodge. Surya (Surya) is the receptionist and he is an honest to goodness guy. His friend and sidekick is Ramesh Kanna and both run the lodge very efficiently. When a new manager takes charge of the lodge his family too comes to stay in the neighbourhood. The manager?s daughter Radha (Sneha) has a soft corner for Surya, but soon she realizes that Nirmala (Laila) was his lover and she used to stay in the same house before. Nirmala?s father (Thalaivasal Vijay) had no job and in spite of being a very bright student she was forced to stop her education. Surya takes pity on the family and helps them in his own way, and slowly he falls in love with her. Nirmala?s parents encourage them and everything is fine until a friend of Surya comes to stay with him. He has an eye on Nirmala and while Surya is away for a while he woos her family with lot of gifts and in no time, Nirmala falls for his style and wealth. A shocked Surya understands this betrayal by his lover and family and slowly reconciles with his fate. On hearing Surya?s past, Radha falls in love with him but never expresses it. One day Surya realizes that Nirmala was taken for a ride and our sacrificing hero once again helps the family by giving them money for her education and soon she becomes a doctor (!!). And in the usual railway station climax, the hero not only chooses his love from both the girls who are madly in love with him but also explains the reason behind his decision.

The film is very slow and one feels that the story is as old as the hills. The comedy track by the inmates of the lodge like an astrologer and a quack doctor is boring. The songs tuned by Sirpy reminds you of songs in Vikraman?s earlier films and even the picturisations are repetitive. Of the cast Surya is the only saving grace while the girls Laila and Sneha has nothing much to do. Ramesh Kanna, Charlie & Co are a pain.

Verdict: As Stale As Yesterdays Bread

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