Uppukandam Brothers: Back in Action

Uppukandam Brothers: Back in Action


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Movie Title

Uppukandam Brothers: Back in Action


T S Suresh Babu

Star Cast

Srikanth, Honey Rose, Vani Viswanath, Seema

What if the thrilling moments in an action film turn out to be more comical than a comedy caper? Well, that is exactly what is happening in director T S Suresh Babu?s Uppukandam Brothers: Back in Action.

The sequel to the yesteryear box-office hit, Uppukandam Brothers has the members of the Uppukandam family led by Bobby (Srikanth) in feud with Srambikkal Sathyanesan (Rajmohan Unnithan) and also with the son of an old rival, Ettuveettil Ganeshan (Richard).

The eternal fight between good and evil, comic characters who are annoyingly stupid, baddies who come in style and end up being beaten to pulp by virtually everyone, lengthy dialogues that make the viewers stumped by its inanity, action sequences that defy every logic and of course the quintessential item number, all these formulaic requirements have been religiously included here. Still, the film turns out to be a horrifying experience for the viewer.

Okay, you are ready to accept some cheap tricks in the pretext of exciting the front benchers when you go for a film like this. But what if it has been made in a pattern that was only acceptable some three decades or more, back?

Imagine, the baddie coming out of a swanky car escorted by a couple of bodyguards in suites and announcing proudly, ?After a casual chat with the home minister, he had sent me this DySP, who is known to kill anyone in the lockup?? Need we say more?

Director T S Suresh Babu and scenarist Reji Mathew is trying to take the viewers for a ride with this one. They may be eyeing at the satellite rights which can ensure even this rubbish to become a profitable venture. Or just take a note of some of the actors like Suraj Venjarammoodu for instance, who appear in one or two scenes and then disappear, without any relevance to the proceedings.

Senthil Kumar?s camera and Alphonse music doesn?t help to make things better either. Tamil actor Srikanth, who makes his debut in Malayalam as a hero, look totally out of place. Vani Viswanath as his sister Kochamminy tries to fill the void and becomes the protagonist for a while, with her fiery dialogues. Honey Rose, who plays Srikanth?s love interest, doesn?t impress either. Actors like Seema, Babu Antony, Jagadeesh and Baiju have nothing much to do. Rajmohan Unnithan and Richard look funny at best, in their villainous avatars.

On the whole, Uppukandam Brothers: Back in Action will easily find its place among the worst films in Malayalam during recent years. How can someone have the courage to go ahead and make a film with a script like this? Only those who made this crap can have an answer for this one!

Verdict: Avoidable

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