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Saturday 1 September 2007

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Nandha, Sherin

Before release, GV films and director Ravichandran said "Urchagam is about whether love or arranged marriage will work with a couple, who are good friends".

But after seeing the film one gets the feeling that they have ripped off the plot from Julia Roberts emotional thriller Sleeping with the Enemy, added some local sentiments spiced it with Vivek's comedy track (rehashed from his own Run comedy track!), along with some peppy melodies by Ranjit Barot. In the process it turns out to be a overcooked, tasteless Kitchadi of various films.

Ganesh (Nanda) is a tough guy, who has a group of friends with whom he has a nice time. One day he meets Jency (Sherin), and they become good friends. Love develops in his mind for Jency, and when he goes to confess his love for her, it is too late. She is to marry a London based NRI Nicky (Dinesh Lamba), and Ganesh decides that he will remain her good friend.

But Nicky turns out to be a devil, and suspects Jency-Ganesh friendship and does everything possible to spoil it. He goes to ridiculous lengths, like drugging Jency and getting a doctor to conduct a virginity test!! Jency fakes her own death to escape from the obsessive and abusive Nicky, and finds solace in Ganesh's arm. Nicky soon finds out the truth and goes after them, leading to a predictable climax.

There is no original bone in the film , everything including Vivek's comedy track is stale. The film is too long, and song placements are like music videos every 10 minutes. Nanda is once again an action hero who tries to ape Surya's acting style, Sherin has oomph which she provides with ?lan, while Dinesh Lamba's lip sync and dubbing is terrible and his acting especially in the climax makes you laugh! The only saving grace is Ranjit Barot's music.

Alas, Urchagam will leave you with a migraine!

Verdict: Avoidable

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