Uriyadi-2 review: This one is a compelling watch!

For its gutsy writing and inherent honesty, don’t miss Uriyadi 2

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Critic's Rating: 3.5/5

Tuesday 04 June 2019

Movie Title

Uriyadi-2 review: This one is a compelling watch!


Vijay Kumar

Star Cast

Vijay Kumar, Vismaya, Sudhakar, Shankar Thas, Abbas

Director Vijay Kumar who impressed us with his raw and gritty filmmaking skills in Uriyadi is back with its sequel Uriyadi-2.

Though the film is not a continuation from the first part, Vijay Kumar has retained the core essence of the original version including the opportunistic politicians aiming at their caste vote bank. In addition to the caste angle, Vijay Kumar has combined the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and the ongoing Sterlite Copper Plant issue in the sequel.

Lenin Vijay (Vijay Kumar) is a chemical engineer who is roaming around with his three friends. With the recommendation of a family friend, Vijay and his three friends join as freshers in a local chemical factory which produces pesticides. The Factory was banned in UK but corrupt politicians sanctioned the plant in India.

One of the worker dies in a fatal accident and a few days later, one of Vijay's friend also dies in a similar situation. Vijay and his lover Isai Vaani (Vismaya) find out that MIC (Methyl Isocyanide) leakage took away the life of the factory workers so they immediately starts protesting against the company and demands the owner to shut down the operations. Vijay brings the seriousness of the issue to the authorities, local people and politicians about the situation but nobody pays heed to his words.

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A few days later, the poisonous gas leaks from the factory and kills hundreds of people in the nearby village. Now Vijay turns a rebel politician and activist, he represents the village and fights against opportunistic politicians and greedy businessman.

Vijay Kumar is apt as Vijay and he has managed to successfully recreate the original impact until the last act. The director has authentically filmed the factory portions and how the negligence of a few affects thousands of people. The disaster and the aftermath shown is real and hard hitting But the final act in the film is not convincing, as cinematic liberties are aplenty. He simply borrows the climax from the first part as it was the biggest talking point of the film.

Technically, Govind Vasantha's background is a major highlight of the film as it raises the tempo whenever needed. Songs do not come as speed breakers and goes with the narration. The runtime is just under two hours which is a major advantage. For its gutsy writing and inherent honesty, don’t miss this one!

Uriyadi-2 review: Good

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