Uru review: An average thriller

If you are a fan of thriller movies with twists and turns, give it a chance.

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 17 June 2017

Movie Title

Uru review: An average thriller


Vicky Anand

Star Cast

Dhanshikaa, Kalaiyarasan, Mime Gopi

Vicky Anand’s Uru is an honest attempt but struggles due to weak performance from the male lead and few contrived twists.

Jeevan (Kalaiyarasan) successfully starts his writing career as his debut novel turns out to be successful that his publisher requests to give the second novel rights to his company. But within few years, the trend changes and Jeevan’s emotional stories no longer work with the young readers. So the publisher suggests an anti-hero subject and ‘aunty’ stories to bring profit to the table. A frustrated Jeevan reaches home only to hear the argument of his wife Jennie (Dhanshikaa), who pleads him to be responsible and start going to a normal job so that they can start a family.

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After smoking weed, Jeevan gets the extra kick and decides to write a thriller story on a psycho killer and requests his wife to give him two months time. To get a peaceful setup, Jeevan chooses Meghamalai and stays at his friend’s bungalow. Strangely, the psycho killer whom Jeevan pens for his novel comes for real and starts attacking him that at one point, he falls unconscious.

Meanwhile, Jennie comes to Meghamalai after her husband stops picking her calls and she also meets the masked psycho killer, who gives five hours time to save her life. Will Jennie save herself from the masked guy? What happened to Jeevan?

Uru works mainly because of Dhanshikaa’s performance in the second half, it’s a physically demanding role and the actress has given her life to the character. Dhanshikaa’s short haircut and costumes too suits her character that she looks perfect for the role.

However, we feel that Kaliayrasan is a wrong choice, he struggles hard to mouth English lines and his performance ina  negative role looks artificial. As Vicky Anand reserves the answer for the twist in the climax, we keep thinking about the logical loopholes behind Jeevan’s characterization, which is the film’s biggest drawback. Though we understand everything in the climax, a better characterization and casting for Jeevan would have made Uru as a flawless edge of the seat thriller.

But the climax is well written, especially after knowing the real character of Jeevan and Jeenie’s act has also been well justified. Prasanna S Kumar’s cinematographer is a big plus for Uru, he has provided stunning visuals for a horror thriller even with minimal lighting. Johan Shevanesh’s music and Sivakumar’s sound design also given the much needed eerie feel to the film.

Uru is a brave attempt by director Vicky Anand and if you are a fan of thriller movies with twists and turns, give it a chance!

Uru review: Verdict- Average thriller

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