Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 07 December 2015

Movie Title



Sakthivel Perumalsamy

Star Cast

Bobby Simha, Reshmi menon, Kalaiarasan

Sakthivel Perumalsamy’s Urumeen is definitely a novel attempt, thanks to the core idea and poetic characterization but too many subplots and underwhelming performances of the lead actors have crippled the film. 

Apparently, Urumeen is yet another new gen Tamil film, which has an ambitious story line and brilliant technicalities but lost its magic in screen transition.

Selvaa (Bobby Simhaa) is an unemployed engineering graduate, who stays with his friends in Chennai. In a very unusual circumstance, Selvaa earns the ire of the deadly businessman John Christopher (Kalaiarasan), and what happens then forms the crux of the story. Interestingly, there is an unfinished business between Selvaa and John from their previous two births, which eventually leads to reincarnation angle.

The major drawback of Urumeen is its miscasting. Baby faced Bobby Simha fails to bring the much needed spark for a man, who wants to take revenge against the backstabbing which happened in his previous births. Simhaa’s performance is completely underwhelming that at one point of time, we begin to wonder, whether this is the same actor who swept us off our feet in Jigarthanda and Neram.

Kalaiarasan occasionally impress with his looks and Sakthivel Perumalsamy’s dialogues too lack the required punch that powerful moments demand. We agree that the director must be lauded for his paperwork and research; as a matter of fact the Sakthivel’s characterizations are significant that he has brilliantly connected the enmity between the protagonist and antagonist but too much of smartness have spoiled the charm, the long drawn out climax was such a downer.

Nevertheless, Urumeen can be watched for the coruscating cinematography by Ravindranath Guru. Easily, Urumeen is one of the best shot films with apt lightings and the animated initial portions too deserve a special mention.

Verdict: Average

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