Usiriginta Neene Hattira

Usiriginta Neene Hattira



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 13 October 2014

Movie Title

Usiriginta Neene Hattira



Star Cast

Suryakiran, Vidhya, Ester Naronha

This week?s release Usiriginta Neene Hattira ?s journey itself began with a controversy. Initially the movie was tilted as NIMHANS, but was later changed to Usiriginta Neene Hattira as serious objections were raised against the title. The movie sounds like a one-man-show with Suryakiran taking the responsibility of direction, story, screenplay, dialogues alongside essaying the role of a protagonist.

As the name suggests, the movie is a love story of (Surya Kiran), Rashmi (Vidya) and Sahana( Ester Nanonha). Surya falls in love with Rashmi, who confesses it to her but she rejects it without citing a proper reason. After Rashmi rejects his love, Surya loses his mental balance. Entry- Sahana. After getting to know about his ?pure? love story, she falls in love with him. She struggles very hard to bring him back to normal.

After he becomes normal, his first love Rashmi re-enters in his life. Surya will now have to choose between Rashmi and Sahana. Will he choose Rashmi over Sahana or will he lose his mental balance again forms the crux of the story.

The story is very simple, because of which it can be boring at times. But camerawork and songs are the major highlights of the film. Specially the title track, which is sung by Sonu Nigam and penned by Jayanth Kaykini. The duo has never disappointed the audience and this time too their magic has worked amazingly. Other songs are worth listening too.

SuryaKiran has done a good job as a director and script writer but not as an actor. He either needs to get into some good acting classes or rather continue as a director and script writer. Despite being a ?well-known story?, it is the screenplay, which keeps the audiences hooked to the movie. Both the new actresses Vidya and Ester Nanonha have done a good job, but there is a lot of scope for improvement. Especially Ester as she fails to deliver good acting in emotional scenes. Supporting actors Ramakrishna, Veena Sundar, Sharath Lohitashwa, Nagini Bharana and others have done a commendable job too. Suresh Babu?s camerawork is definitely a visual treat; especially the way he has shot the songs.

Despite these, movie lacks clarity and humor. There are very less comedy scenes in the film, which makes the movie seem dull. Surya eats up half the screen space, which would have been good if he had learnt some acting.

It is a good attempt by a fresher, but again, Surya should have taken up one section and excelled in it rather than becoming a jack of all and a king at none!

Verdict: Average

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