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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 07 November 2009

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Ramakanth Sarju

Star Cast

Jayasurya, Roma

If you had thought that the 'poor boy meets rich girl, sparks fly at an odd hour' kind of stories are a thing of the past, think again. Debutant director Ramakanth Sarju's Utharaswayamvaram talks about such a tale which obviously looks outdated and perhaps like one of those boring, mushy serials on the small screen!

Prakashan (Jayasurya) is a lazy chap, doing virtually nothing besides dreaming about Uthara aka Ponnu (Roma), the daughter of a rich businessman, Ponnuveettil Mahadevan (Lalu Alex). Prakashan had saved the girl from an abandoned well during their childhood days and though she barely remembers the incident, he hopes that she will realize his love for her, someday.

His dad, Sreedhara Kurup (Balachandra Menon), runs a grocery shop and is worried about his son's future. Lots of twists and turns later, Prakashan marries his dream-girl, but their marriage doesn't last even for a day.

In all fairness, the film has some sincerity that has gone into its making but it turns out to be too lengthy, even at around 2 hours and 30 minutes. From family sentiments, confusions, tears, fights to dreamy sequences, every formula in the book has been used in a good measure here.

Of course, the film has its moments and some funny dialogues like the one where a man-woman relationship is being explained as ?a Priyadarshan film with lots of colours and songs during the romantic phase, a Sathyan Anthikkad family saga during the years just after the marriage, a Shaji Kailas style action sequences later on and finally, a silent phase as in an Adoor Gopalakrishnan film as the couple gets older.?

Still, with a weak plot that has nothing new to offer, it turns out to be a meek, predictable film without any charm. Jayasurya has been presented as some sort of a dumb guy, who is such a moron to have a meal all-alone without bothering for anything or anyone else on his wedding day! Roma looks okay, though she has done just the type of role that she is often identified with.

The rest of cast including Balachandra Menon, Lalu Alex, Sai Kumar, Janardhanan, Shobha Mohan and Varada among others have done their supporting part, pretty well. But the buffoonery and the double-meaning dialogues by Suraj Venjarammood, Harisree Ashokan, Joby and Indrans is plain irritating and in bad taste at times.

Saloo George's visuals are fine and M Jayachandran has composed some nice songs. J Pallassery's script lacks substance, but he has somehow managed to stitch things in an okay manner.

Utharaswayamvaram may work just fine for those on the lookout for excessive melodrama, unrealistic happenings and slapstick comedy. However, if you're looking forward to some meaningful entertainment, skip this one and you lose nothing. Now, it's all about your choice!

Verdict: Average

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