Utopiayile Rajavu

Utopiayile Rajavu



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 28 August 2015

Movie Title

Utopiayile Rajavu



Star Cast

Mammootty, Jewel Mary

Director Kamal’s Utopiayile Rajavu has perhaps been aimed as a political satire. There are mentions about most of the recent happenings that featured in the headlines, of late. 

But in the absence of an imaginative presentation like it was done in the scenarist’s earlier venture Amen, the film ends up as a string of poorly executed comedy skits, with tasteless and at times offensive jokes.

The story unveils when the statues of Jesus Christ and a dead Gandhian starts talking. In fact Jesus Christ (Tini Tom) is rather comical and the Gandhian (Joy Mathew), happens to be the father of the hero, C P Swathanthran (Mammootty).

The incidents are all taking place in a village named Kokrankara, where there is a fierce legal battle happening for the ancestral property. 

The hero mostly follows his friend Pindani’s (Sreekumar) silly ideas and runs into trouble. He is also desperately craving for the attention of a local activist named Umadevi (Jewel Mary), with the hope that she will fall in love with him some day. 

With a shaky script and lackluster making, the film is far from engaging from the word go. It becomes offensive at times with its prejudiced portrayal of women and the derogatory way even something sacred like giving birth has been portrayed. Listen to the dialogues carefully and it is evident that every woman character in the film, right from the heroine, has been presented as mere objects for sex!

There are scathing remarks on everyone in the society, from wily politicians and cops to protestors who conduct strikes in front of the secretariat. But it often turns ineffective, as there is a desperate effort to create humour from virtually every line. 

It is one script that doesn’t demand much from an actor of Mammootty’s stature. He is mostly a silent spectator in the midst of a cacophony of characters and events. Debutante Jewel Mary has to maintain a single expression throughout the movie. 

Utopiayile Rajavu may have been intended as an attempt to recreate the magic of some of the gems from the past like Panchavadippalam, for instance. If that is so, then it is a lost opportunity at best. Now, decide on your own.

Verdict: Disappointing

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