Uyire Uyire review: Boring!

Uyire Uyire review: Boring!



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 01 April 2016

Movie Title

Uyire Uyire review: Boring!


A R Rajasekar

Star Cast

Siddhu, Hansika, Ajay, Aadukalam Naren

Remaking Telugu movies is definitely not a good idea is what we think after watching this one. A lot of cultural differences exists between the two states and hence,necessary changes must be made. Unfortunately Uyire Uyire director Rajasekar has exactly replicated each and every scene from the original (Ishq directed by Vikram Kumar) but a baby faced debut hero, whose dialogue delivery is like a kindergarten kid cannot hold the film.

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The film opens with a severely injured Shiva (Ajay), who gets admitted in ICU. Soon after the treatment, Shiva’s father (Naren), a police commissioner beats him up as his son has indulged in an ugly fight for a girl.

After the needless intro scene and an item song, we see our hero waiting in a traffic signal in Mumbai, where he gets a glimpse of Priya (bubbly Hansika). Her colorful bangles and the tattoo on her leg attracts Rahul!!

Similarly when Rahul helps a kid to get a teddy bear in the busy traffic signal, Priya is super impressed (Note: Both haven’t seen each other till now).

Interestingly, both are on their way to airport to board on the same plane to Chennai. Initially both Priya and Rahul behave like Tom and Jerry but the technical glitch in the plane helps them to develop a liking for each other and they fall in love during their brief stay in Goa.

When Rahul and Priya reaches Chennai, the former comes to know that she is the sibling of Shiva, who tortured his sister (Chaaya Singh) three years back and now, we get to know the reason behind the opening scene of the movie. The rest of the film is all about, how Rahul convinces Shiva and gets his consent to marry Priya.

Well, as you read the synopsis, plot like this can only work with the sizzling chemistry between the lead pair. Here, Hansika has played her part well with her cute expressions and energetic screen presence but that’s not the case with Siddhu, as he lacks everything except physique.

A film like Ishq worked only because of the tremendous energy level of its protagonist but here all those lovely moments is missing, thanks to the miscast.

Technically, the film is ok, thanks to cinematographer RD Rajasekhar (original by veteran PC Sreeram) that each and every frame looks colourful. However, songs are not up to the mark and the background score is just okay.

Surely, there is a better way to spend a lazy weekend.

Uyire Uyire review: Boring

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