Uyirthiru 420

Uyirthiru 420


By: Rinku Gupta

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 12 August 2011

Movie Title

Uyirthiru 420


Premnath S

Star Cast

Snehan, Meghna, Vaseegaran, Bosskey, Jayaprakash, Akshaya, Akshara

Uyirthiru 420, is as the title suggests, the story of a con man, played by lyricist Snehan who is a well known name in Kollywood. Ad man Premnath S, turns director with this film and the producer, R Chandraskar has done a cameo.

The story kicks off with the petty exploits of conman Tamizh ( Snehan), who has the guts to con goondas. He runs into Eyal (Meghna) and cons her into falling in love with him as well. Soon he becomes the GM of a star hotel run by Rishwanth ( Vaseegaran), just by answering some questions in a street smart way, without any qualifications whatsoever.

As the story proceeds, he discovers that his boss has two ambitions. One is to marry actress Devatha (Akshara) and the other, to own a business establishment in Malaysia. Tamizh manages to get the duo married in a hush hush manner so that the actresses? market doesn?t get affected. But the secret is out, thanks to a hidden camera in the couple?s bedroom, placed by a corrupt journalist JP ( Jayaprakash). What happens next?

The characters are well-etched and Meghna does her part well and looks classy. The music is nothing to rave about except for a rap song in the beginning. The locales of Malaysia and the car chases are well captured on camera and the stunts pack a good punch. JP as the corrupt journalist does his role well as usual while Ramesh Kanna, Bosskey and Chaums (in a cameo) add to the comic relief.

But though the script is interesting and the screenplay set at a good pace, the film fails to excite. The chemistry between the lead pair is zero. Though Snehan attempts and succeeds to be stylish in the songs, his wooden face,long hair, patchy makeup and dark glasses in almost every frame is a big let down.

Almost every character is wearing dark glasses in the film from Bosskey and the heroine to the hero, his boss and even the producer in a cameo role! The dubbing artiste?s voice for Snehan is unsuited and too harsh. From his wooden expressions, (largely hidden with the dark glasses) it?s really unclear whether he is in love with the heroine or not! Clearly, these are points which the director could have looked into, to do justice to his story.

Verdict: Below Average

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