V1 review: An amateurish suspense thriller

V1 review: An amateurish suspense thriller

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Critic's Rating: 2/5

Friday 27 December 2019

Movie Title

V1 review: An amateurish suspense thriller


Pavel Navageethan

Star Cast

Ram Arun Castro, Vishnupriya Pillai

Actor Pavel Navageethan of Madras and Vada Chennai fame debuts as a director with the investigative thriller V1. To be honest, the plot looks interesting on paper and it got the potential to become another Dhuruvangal 16 but sadly the execution is not up to the mark that the film ends as an amateurish suspense thriller.

Agni (Ram Arun Castro) is an expert forensic science trainer who used to work in the police department earlier. But due to his nyctophobia condition and unexpected death of his wife, Agni prefers to be a forensic trainer. But his good friend and investigating officer Luna(Vishnupriya Pillai) try her level best to bring him back to the department with the mysterious murder of a young girl. Can Agni and Luna crack the case?

The film initially progresses as an interrogation drama just like the western web shows and it was quite interesting with multiple characters narrating their side of the story about the conflict between the murdered girl and her live-in partner. The twists and turns are also unpredictable but the problem is the screenplay and execution look amateurish on screen.

The climax twist appears forced and didn't gel with the overall mood of the film. Performance-wise both Both Ram and Vishnupriya are just adequate, they can't be termed as the perfect actors for the role. In fact, experienced actors would have enhanced this film with their compelling performances. Similarly, the film would have worked well under the treatment of an experienced director. The lack of experience is the biggest drawback of the film.

Technically, there is nothing much to rave about the film as everything is strictly functional. Overall, V1 murder case looks good on paper but lost in translation.

V1 review: Amateurish 

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