Va Quarter cutting

Va Quarter cutting


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 06 November 2010

Movie Title

Va Quarter cutting



Star Cast

Shiva, Lekha Washington, SPB Charan.Vijay

The laugh is on us. The director duo Pushkar-Gayathri and their Va Quarter Cutting operate on the belief that it is a funny movie but is nowhere in the league of their earlier Oram Po. In fact, the film falls flat under the strain of its frenetic pace and for the most part, it's a silly comedy with slapstick gags that are hard to appreciate.

The story takes place during one night and basically there are only three and a half characters. It story revolves around a guy who comes to Chennai on a dry day when liquor shops are closed and he is going to fly to Saudi Arabia in a few hours time and his quest is to have one last ?quarter cutting?!!

Sundararajan (Shiva), aka Sura is a fan of Ilayathalapathy Vijay, who comes from Coimbatore to Chennai, as he is all set to go to Saudi Arabia. The travel agent warns him that he can?t have wine and women in Saudi Arabia as it is banned there. Sura decides to go on a hunt to have one final ?quarter cutting? before he boards the flight along with his would-be brother-in-law Marthandam (SPB Charan).

The rest of the film is how our mad cap heroes run around Chennai for a whole night looking for that elusive last drink. During their escapades they encounter night life and also various weird characters like suicidal Saraswathi (Lekha Wahington), a gay gambler and his boorish father (John Vijay), police officer Singari (Abhinyashree), and a few others.

The laughs are very few and post interval the film drags big time. Shiva and SPB Charan save the day to a certain extent. John Vijay is stereotyped and too loud. Lekha Washington does not impress and needs to brush up her acting skills and lip sync.

Music of GV Prakash is ok, while Nirav Shah is in top form, with his eye catching night life of Chennai. On the whole, Va Quarter Cutting is a big letdown, despite having some of the best comic actors, from the current crop. The film is too long by twenty minutes, and suffers considerably on account of its loose script. The second half, in particular, is an endurance test for its silliness.

Verdict- Bore

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