Vaaimai review: Watch at your own risk!

Vaaimai review: Watch at your own risk!



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 09 September 2016

Movie Title

Vaaimai review: Watch at your own risk!



Star Cast

Shanthanu,Banu, Goundamani, Manoj K Bharathi, Poornima

It's very difficult to tolerate when someone adapt a classic film like Twelve Angry Men with a plodding screenplay, over the top dialogues and dramatic performances! Well, if you are a fan of Twelve Angry Men, better never ever try to watch Vaaimai!

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When there is no jury system in India why to bring it back? Out of all films, why Vaaimai director Senthil Kumar watched Twelve Angry Men, which can’t be remade in Tamil cinema considering the judiciary system existing here?

The story line goes like this… Velan (Prithvi Pandiarajan) was accused for murdering a top politician and the Judge issues death sentence to him. Velan’s mother (Poornima) was also arrested as she has allegedly helped her son in committing the crime but the Judge decides to bring the jury system which comprises of twelve people from different walks of life including a philosopher (Shanthanu), pilot (Bhanu), tough cop (Ramki), doctor (Goundamani), writer(Manoj K Bharathi), military officer (Thiagarajan), transgender (Rose) and many others.

The issue with the film is that we cannot relate with the characters shown on the screen as there is no reality in the situation and performances of the actors are too dramatic! Especially Shanthanu is wooden while ace actors like Oorvasi and Ramki are under utilized. Goundamani too does not evoke laughter and he is just there to spill satirical dialogues in the system.

The so called climax twist with Shanthanu also falls flat. Despite having a crisp running time of 95 minutes, there are plenty of cringe worthy moments that we cannot sit through! We could also understand the pain of editor Antony, who seems to have chopped off all the unwanted scenes and may be, that's why we have got a shorter running time!

Overall, watch Vaaimai at your own risk!

Vaaimai review: Verdict-Tedious

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