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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 03 April 2015

Movie Title



Yogaraj Bhat

Star Cast

Jaggesh, Parul Yadav, Sudha Rani, Aishani Shetty, Rakshith Shetty

As the title of the movie suggests, the plot has Vaasthu as the central theme, but exposes the myths surrounding it through the characters, which are treated as equals in this latest offering from Yogaraj Bhat.

T N Seetharam is a renowned Vaasthu specialist, but his son Rakshith Shetty degrades it. A fallout between the father and son lands Rakshith in Vasthenia (an imaginary nation) where his uncle (Jaggesh) is struggling for a livelihood. They run into several problems before Jaggesh convinces Rakshith to join him in running Vaasthu business to make quick money. Initially, Rakshith resists, but when he finds out that Jaggesh has baited an Indian couple (Ananth Nag & Sudha Rani) with a beautiful daughter – Aishani Shetty – he is more than happy. The couple, which is on the verge of split, refuses to entertain the conning duo. But the daughter wants the duo to save her parents from splitting by undertaking Vaasthu correction of the house.

Parul Yadav plays the role of an advocate and she is handling the couple's divorce. In the flashback section, she would have taken over Jaggesh's palatial house because of a row. But Jaggesh still likes her and is keen on winning her heart though she is already engaged to a local man. At the same time, he finds Parul as a major hurdle in executing the Vaasthu project in her client's home. Gradually, loves blossoms between Rakshith and Aishani. The rest of the movie is about the future of the three different pairs.

The plot appears complex because every character has been given the same level of importance. Performance wise, Jaggesh stands out with his rib-tickling one-liners though there is sufficient content of adult comedy in them. Parul is convincing in her role and acting is natural. Throughout the movie, Parul has maintained her style quotient. The song featuring Parul and Jaggesh, Simply Met Her, is the highlight of the movie. Rakshith Shetty and Aishani Shetty are not impressive, as they need to improve a lot in emoting.

The movie is not for a mass audience. Though there is slight drag post intermission, the director has been able to hold the attention of the audience till the climax. It is worth watching once.

Verdict: Entertainer

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