Vaazhl review- A Satisfying watch

Vaazhl review- A Satisfying watch

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 16 July 2021

Movie Title

Vaazhl review- A Satisfying watch


Arun Prabhu Purushothaman

Star Cast

Pradeep Anthony, TJ Bhanu, Diva Dhawan, Aahrav

Director Arun Prabhu Purushothaman has proved that he is not a one-film wonder. While Aruvi had revolutionary social commentary on several topics, Arun has taken a serious subject with his sophomore film Vaazhl but justifying the title, the film is full of life.

 Vaazhl's basic one-liner is summarized by these two lines of Tanya --People whom you meet have the power to change your life and tomorrow is only live for today.

Prakash (Pradeep Anthony) is a normal middle-class guy, who works in a stressful IT job. Everything around him annoys him too much, his pestering boss, possessive lover, strict parents, and a sister who also contributes her share with a love angle. Prakash's life turns upside down when he meets (TJ Bhanu) and her little son Yathra, who are his distant relatives. Then there is Tanya (Diva Dhawan), who inspires him to live his life to the fullest. And, there is a nonagenarian(SN Bhatt), who also starts living his life thanks to the words of wisdom from Prakash, Yathra, and his mom.

The core idea of Vaazhl is how one should come out of the materialistic life in which we trouble ourselves with too many mental hurdles in the name of our job, money, relationship, and so many other societal factors. Though it's a sensitive subject that can be very well handled artistically, Arun has treated it light-heartedly. The heavy subject looks so easy on the screen, thanks to the lively characters and cheerful one-liners that constantly put a bright smile on our faces.

Pradeep Anthony is a perfect choice to play the innocent youngster, who shy away from all the little troubles in life. TJ Bhanu, Diva Dhawan, and the little boy Aahrav have done a commendable job and rightly help to proceed the story forward.

For a travel film like Vaazhl that is shot in multiple locations, cinematographer Shelly Calist, editor Raymond Derrick Crasta, and music composer Pradeep Kumar have together given a vibrant feel throughout with their independent and combine effort.

Overall, Vaazhl is a well made feel-good film that will motivate us to travel more and most importantly encourages us to live only for today and not to worry about tomorrow.

Verdict: Satisfying watch

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