Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 19 June 2014

Movie Title



Saravana Rajan

Star Cast

Jai, Swathi,RJ Balaji

Vadacurry is light and easy, enjoyable for the most part and is packed with delicious little scenes and moments that will have you chuckling, the moment you settle into your seat. Debutant Saravana Rajan, coming from Venkat Prabhu school of filmmaking has made a fun film, with right mix of entertainment elements.

The film is cooked to suit the taste buds of today?s youth audiences. It has all elements that the current audiences prefer- funny dialogues, sticky situations, item number by Sunny Leone, peppy songs, some twists and turns and all this in just two hours.

The plot itself is ridiculously simple and it is actually the situations that the hero gets into that makes the film move forward. Satish (Jai), is a newly appointed medical representative, who is basically a family man, living with his brother an autorikshaw driver and his wife (Kasturi).

Sathish is always embarrassed about his mobile phone, and much to his delight picks up a phone which is left carelessly by its owner at a tea shop. The mobile phone gets him into trouble and his carefree life with girlfriend Naveena (Swathi) turns upside down.

The subject of the film is interesting on how the hero stumbles on an organised racket where medicines which have already reached their expiry period are re-sold in the market. But the way the story is told is in bits and pieces, but finally everything falls in place quiet easily.

Jai as the cool and composed guy comes out with a neat performance, with his tongue in cheek deadpan humour, especially in a scene where he says he is a fan of Simbu but can?t do whatever he does! Swathi?s role is not very significant but she does a good job. RJ Balaji as hero?s sidekick steals the thunder and his style and dialogue is similar to his FM show, and at times mocks at himself. In fact, one of the best scenes in the film is when Balaji bonds with the people who has kept him as a captive.

Among the songs tuned by newcomers Vivek and Mervin?s Nenjukulla Nee... track is melodious while the song picturised on Sunny Leone?s Low Aana Life-u... is massy. The editing Praveen KL is apt, as he keeps scenes short and film racy at 2 hours and 2 minutes. On the whole, It's an easy watch that's bound to make you satisfied.

Verdict ? Easy watch

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