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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 14 June 2011

Movie Title



Alberrt Antoni

Star Cast

Rahul Madhav, Richa Panai, Ramesh, Niji Mary

The mystery behind the disappearance of a young girl is being solved from the descriptions of a few of her friends, in director Alberrt Antoni?s Vadamalli The story (script by Rajesh Varma and Lazar Shine) has been presented with the backdrop of a trendy music college, where the students do everything else, except learn music.

The film begins with a well taken accident scene and virtually everything goes wrong from then on. Vasu Damodar (Rahul Madhav), Vrinda Nambiar (Richa Panai), Sandesh (Ramesh) and Renu (Niji Mary) are students of Beethoven Music College. Vasu comes from a colony and has links with some shady gangs.

He saves Vrinda when she falls into the river from a house boat and the girl is completely smitten by his raw charm. But he ignores her advances, as he belongs to a poor background, but finally gives in to her honest romance.

The whole film is based on a few junkies in the college who take drugs in the open, wear stylish outfits, breaks into song n dance almost all the time and has time only for romance. The greatest mystery about the whole film could be on what exactly were those behind the film trying to convey through this silly looking saga. The story is meant to be going through several twists and turns but the main confusion seems to be there for those who made the film!

The highlight of the film is its excellent cinematography by Vaidy S Pillai. The music is also fairly nice, but the main problem here is the film?s amateurish script. With suggestive lines strewn all over, the film turns out to be a faulty experiment from Alberrt, who won a few awards for his maiden venture, Kanne Madanguka. The performances of the main cast, almost all of whom are rank newcomers, are nothing to rave about.

It?s a pity that even with such good visuals; Vadamalli couldn?t be made into a credible film. As seen in certain other recent films, the effort has been to mould the film into a trendy pattern. But with an inane storyline and script, things look ridiculously contrived.

Verdict: Below average

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